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22 JUN 2019


St. Joseph's College, Langford Road, Bangalore, Karanataka.

It was a date for over 1300- 1400 people with transformation, an urge to be a disrupter whilst you will taken over by the winds of change. The lecture summed it all, DailyPost’s clarion call with subtle nudges, today become a viral discourse on how to face the onset of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The writing of the DailyPost became a public discourse with an eager audience lapping it completely, building on the credibility the post has created in over past 1000 days. Hunger for knowledge still persists and public speakers can still sway the masses by their pioneering narratives and spellbound communication. The twenty minute attention span is a misnomer.

In the weekend spellbound Bangaloreans, getting these many speaks volumes of what image and utility DailyPost has created for itself and has made itself a part of their day to day lives. Closest one can think of, is the RK Laxman’ appearance daily albeit in a different sphere work, so relevant, so loved. Some tinge of that got rubbed off today in the impromptu witty reactions to audience questions. It is all a game of expression, at the end of the day, you should express and that should in a medium that comes to you naturally.

Equally engaging have been the DaillyPost engagement with the artist group Akanksha, post a lecture on Mahatma Gandhi which finally culminated in theirs expression of art on the DailyPost website which was launched today. The website thus gets into a different category of technology art interface. It is way beyond the paintings hanging on the walls of the IT offices. Creation of beauty goes ahead as a depiction of technology / concept. A giant leap in a way.

In a world of event management with weeks and months of hard work, of funding, corporate communications, marketing, creative writing and the like and endless meeting, corrections, agenda, transcript et al, DailyPost even is a fresh lease of air. Frugal to the core and utility to the nth level. An audience who got the message and would use and remember for a life time. It is high time the waste on conferencing needs to be set right and worthwhile good practices pushed into practice.


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