Feedback 26

Sanjay Sahay is an inspiring personality. His innovative use of WhatsApp for his Daily Posts has provided a new approach to disseminating his remarkable ideas on a daily basis. Having studied with Sanjay, I have always been fascinated by his commitment and his passion. These and other qualities are amply displayed in his various Daily Posts.
After full day of work, he still comes up with innovative inspiring and creative posts on variety of subjects. His depth of knowledge is demonstrated by the wide amplitude of the subjects covered in Daily Posts. I remember being on a dinner with Sanjay and Sanjay while we were traveling for a dinner and on during the first part of the dinner, Sanjay was constantly typing for his Daily Post on his mobile phone and it was only after he finished the post that we started talking.
We all have been benefitted from his perspectives and I continue to look forward to reading his post to enhance my knowledge and get a glimpse of different perspectives.
India requires far more Sanjay Sahays to transform itself into a knowledge society. Hats-off to Sanjay for his remarkable contribution in spreading the light of knowledge and looking forward to his completing the next 1000 posts.

Dr. Pavan Duggal
Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Feedback 25

A thought provoking technology writer, leader and security analyst, Sanjay Sahay sir presents and possesses multi dimensional approach in his daily post.

His writings cover a wide spectrum and in depth research on agenda topics ranging from technology of today to futuristic and upcoming technologies. His analysis of various technologies is second to none. He is able to see the future of various technologies today and also their ramifications in our day to day working.

Daily post by Sanjay Sir makes very informative and thought provoking reading that touches the security aspects of our daily lives. With our increasing reliance on social media, the risk involved in using these technologies are very well analyzed and manifested in his posts.

He also presents various upcoming technology areas like AI, IoT, data security, emerging use of deception technology, cyber frauds, ransom ware attacks etc. that opens minds to new horizons.

Rita Shrivastava
Senior Deputy General Manager, Bharat Electronics Limited.

Feedback 24

Writing the post on daily basis without any gap itself is a greatest achievement. The dedication, effort and concern of ADGP, Sri. Sanjay Sahay sir is commendable.

Sri.Sanjay Sahay, sir himself is a moving knowledge repository and he has concern to share his knowledge to the society through DailyPost so that it is put into use.

DailyPost gives me a Real time technical update to enhance my knowledge. I sincerely express my thanks for the same.

Kumar. S
In-Charge Capacity Building

Feedback 23

5, 57, 0000 words, 1000 posts, 23 categories. This statistics represents the DailyPost journey from WhatsApp writing to a monumental knowledge portal.
A journey of sheer passion and consistent grit.
What sets it apart is that it’s living, futuristic and amazingly diverse in its content.

Dr. Sapna S
Dean, School of Law, Presidency University.

Feedback 22

Art is not in a watertight compartment but it has to be interacted with all the other human activities, all the branches of science, literature, religion, illusions and intuitions.
I appreciate Mr. Sanjay Sahay’s initiative to establish this with the collaboration of Art & Technology in his DailyPost website.
Congratulations on reaching DailyPost Milestone 1000.

Eby N Joseph
Artist, Kannur, Kerala

Feedback 21

“Where Passion, knowledge and unfathomable commitment converge, an extraordinary persona of Shri Sanjay Sahay emerge.
Unmatchable elixir of Multi-domain faculty when get Superimposed as daily knowledge packed golden spray of words, every such potent knowledge feed leaves an indelible imprint in your mind.
1000 days is an endorsement of Sanjay’s unique solo journey.
His golden words need to be preserved as “Shruti” and “Veda” of modern times for us and for our next generation.”

Balaji Venketeshwar
A Cyber Security Researcher

Feedback 20

Truly a pleasure to read Mr. Sanjay Sahay’s DailyPost notes. His succinct notes on various topics capture his farsighted insights, philosophy, in-depth analysis and interpretational abilities. Personally feel this is an unparalleled resource and a definitive guide to everything around us.
A simple visit by Sanjay Sahay to Akanksha Art Exhibition last month took us ahead by a giant leap towards a beautiful collaborative interplay of Art and Technology at its best thereby resulting in a Non-Art website using pure Art as the visual medium. What a beautiful moment for the artists to create this for the DailyPost website.
Best wishes for completing his 1000th milestone of the DailyPost.

Shyamala Ramanand
Artist and Art Promoter, Akanksha Artists group

Feedback 19

I have been reading the DailyPosts of Mr.Sanjay Sahay and it has been extremely useful. Specifically when we look at the way frauds happen, the way people are cheated and lots of community and social issues happening, there are lot of subtle things that are there and understanding the subtlety is very crucial.
These articles by Mr.Sanjay throw us light on many of these obvious subtle things that we miss to understand or infer. Daily post is doing a very good job, it brings lot of issues to the forefront and makes us understand many small things that we need to be careful about and that we need to give attention to.
Very good work and I am very happy receiving these DailyPost messages.

Dr. V. Kamakoti
Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Feedback 18

Every morning comes not only with new fervour and energy but also the neural joy of Daily Post. Our frequent early morning tele talks and cerebral engagements have been a hallmark of our friendship. Let me express my gratitude that this daily ritual has revived my sagging academic zeal.
Your sustained thrust for new knowledge and refreshing takes in fields such as IT, Cyber Security and management have been consistently refreshing and motivating.
I marvel at your tenacity and perseverance.
You are lighting many lamps.
Kudos !

Ajay Tomar
ADG CID Crime, Gujarat.

Feedback 17

Mr.Sanjay Sahay is obsessed with his security mission.

Better be safe than sorry, he wants the nation to be conscious of the dark deep web, the real & the fake -the threats from cyberspace. Beware of cyber penetration & hijacks.

Innovate cyber shields to avoid becoming cyber casualties. Stay updated with his daily posts.


Feedback 16

Evenings since the last three years do not seem complete until I’ve read Mr. Sahay’s daily posts. Like an alchemist, each day, Mr. Sahay sends out a new magical creation of sheer brilliance on topics that touch our daily lives.

From the good and bad angles of social media, to the unknown dangers of new technologies, each post befuddles, excites, bewilders, and at times even terrifies. Yet, each post always mesmerizes!

Here’s to a thousand toasts to such posts.

Gautam D Goradia
CEO and MD - Hayagriva Software - Mumbai

Feedback 15

The daily post for me is sheer poetry with a scientific bent. To many it may seem to be an antithesis but Mr. Sanjay Sahay manages to eloquently weave it into a beautiful synergy.

I have been enthusiastically reading the daily post from day 1 and eagerly look forward to it every day. Every single post has been very valuable. Some are hard hitting, some are topics close to your heart, some you agree with wholeheartedly, some shake you from your somnolent reverie and a lot of them are very, very informative….Trying to choose from them is like a mother playing favorites!

Mythili Jayaraman
Director, Kommlabs Dezign Private Limited

Feedback 14

Mr. Sanjay Sahay’s DailyPost has, over the months, transcended itself into an authoritative database of contemporary technological issues and challenges. The debates that it generates are thought provoking.

Mr. Sahay’s depth of knowledge on issues pertaining to Machine Learning;Deep Learning;Big Data; and Artificial Intelligence is commendable. He brings that knowledge to bear when he analyzes the interplay between technology and contemporary regulation, thereby creating a critical mass of knowledge, which will continue to assist and guide various stakeholders in their decision making processes.

I wish DailyPost further success. May it be the Disrupter of Traditional Wisdom.

Sajan Poovayya
Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India | Former Additional Advocate General for Karnataka | Eminent Technology and Privacy Lawyer

Feedback 13

I have been following Sanjay’s Daily post for a long time. Initially I felt it was meant to be a light reading attracting the casual reader for spending some time on a bit of prose. But as I followed the post on a more regular basis I found that the author was trying to put some ideas in the mind of the reader, ideas that could be evaluated and then incorporated in everyday use.
The choice and the selection of the topics showed the versatility of the author and putting it succinctly in a limited couple of paragraphs shows that the author believes in brevity as a virtue. I congratulate Sanjay Sahay for taking the courage to pick up an issue and address it in a manner that the reader finds necessary direction in handling the matter.
I wish all success to Sanjay in his endeavour .

Shekhar Dutt , SM
Former Governor of Chhattisgarh | Former Dy NSA | Former Defence Secretary

Feedback 12

I have been reading his daily post everyday and his posts are shared among security executives of IOCL for upgrading their knowledge on cyber security. His posts are very relevant, contemporary and explained in lucid language.
His daily posts post us updated. Brilliant writings.


Feedback 11

Sanjay Sahay’s DailyPost is sharp, focused and superbly timely. His writings display discipline, focus and an incredible depth of knowledge and have been churned out day after day without fail for a 1000 days. More Power to him.

Niret Alva
Media Personality - Anchor of today’s event

Feedback 10

I subscribe to Daily Post and benefit greatly from Sanjay’s posts because they uniquely combine a deep understanding of cutting edge technology trends with management and public administration insights. What I absolutely love is the clarity of expression and lateral thinking – at the same time skeptical about “experts”! All I can say “keep it up dear Sanjay!”
There are far too many impactful posts by Sanjay to recount any single one – the cumulative absorption of the wisdom from his comments and posts has benefited me greatly.

Dr Suraj Kumar
Senior Adviser (International Partnerships & SDGs), Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) University, Bhubaneswar

Feedback 9

I am indeed glad to be writing this feedback on daily posts by Mr. Sanjay Sahay. The objective of this daily post has been to help the recipients to get a new perspective / dimension of the topic as well as to enrich their knowledge and experience. His Daily Post is special in many ways and its contents are demonstrative examples of the purpose, passion, and relevance.

I would like to commend and compliment the sincere efforts, personal sacrifices and self-discipline of Mr. Sanjay Sahay to write on a new topic every day for 1000 consecutive days. From his posts, I found him to be a vivid reader on wide variety of topics and a good communicator. I strongly believe that he has shown how to use the media platform effectively and constructively through his daily posts for public good as well as to educate recipients / masses.

I wish him all the very best in his future endeavors and I would also like to write my feedback on 1500, 2000, 2500 ….. daily posts in the days to come.

K.N. Balasubramanya Murthy, BE(MCE-HASSAN, UOM), ME(IISc), PhD (IITM)
Vice-Chancellor, PES University

Feedback 8

Have been regular in reading the Daily post. It has become a daily dose for updates on diverse subjects like governance, policing, technology, management, ethics etc. I feel Sanjay is gifted to come out with fresh and relevant topic every day.

Meeran Chadha Borwankar, IPS
Director General of Police (Retd)

Feedback 7

Daily posts have been extremely informative. Many of them especially on cyber security have been well researched, incisive and offering a deep insight. Best wishes.

Prof. Abhay Karandikar
Director, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Feedback 6

My heartfelt congratulations to Shri Sanjay Sahay on the auspicious occasion of celebration to mark the 1000th edition of India’s iconic, one man created knowledge repository “DailyPost”.
In the “DailyPost” Shri Sahay has been benefitting the readers through his intellectual, meaningful and insightful interventions on a wide range of subjects, general to specific, particularly on the issues related to disruptive technology. A Police officer by profession has contributed substantially in educating and enlightening the readers particularly the youth through his brilliance and communication skills.

Prof. D.P. Singh
Chairman, University Grants Commission(UGC), New Delhi

Feedback 5

Mr Sahay is truly an extraordinary police officer. I have seen him from close quarters for over two decades. A man of integrity, an extraordinary scholar, intellectual, very articulate and intelligent.
A power house of knowledge in cyber issues and extremely active in the social media.
An honest man of integrity and truly “An Officer and a Gentleman”

Dr H Sudarshan Ballal, MD, FRCP (London)
Chairman – MHEPL (Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt Ltd) - Manipal Hospital

Feedback 4

Though I find all posts of Mr. Sahay to be good but few were of specific significance.
DailyPost 978, SHORT TEXTS : If people don’t read, how will they write. It is such a relevant post.
DailyPost 968, CHALLENGED THEY REALLY ARE! : This one because the first step is realization and acceptance. And we find resonance of this malaise in our society.
DailyPost 967, MULTITASKING UNMASKED! : This post gave a totally different perspective on Multi Tasking , which seems so true. And people pride on being able to do Multi Tasking !!
A person like him who is able to articulate his thoughts on a diverse range of subjects is worthy of my appreciation and professional admiration.

Brigadier(Dr) Navjot Singh Bedi
Senior Fellow CENJOWS, Centre for Joint Warfare Studies

Feeback 3

I have been reading the Daily posts from its first publication. Mr.Sahay’s way of articulating the thoughts on wide variety of topics including Technology, social and general wisdom is incredible. I was astonished by his knowledge on Cyber Security and the articles in this topic are my favorites. However, the recent article 986 on INSPIRED/UNINSPIRED is one of the best. Wish him all the best for the 1000th post and more.

Sudhansu Panigrahi
Vice President and Center Head, UST Global

Feedback 2

DailyPost, often the last reading of the day, is like ablution of daily grind. It nudges me to improve at work place but more successfully it coaxes me to be a human being who has deeper insight and wider world view.

Congratulations for being there @1000…wishing it hits a million.

Suniti Srivastava
IRS 1989 batch, Principal Commissioner of Income tax (Uttarakhand)

Feeback 1

Sanjay is an intellectual powerhouse with unlimited appetite for knowledge. The daily dose of his informative and intellectually stimulating posts on wide ranging issues has always been a delight to read. His consistency and perseverance are amazing and the depth of analysis simply mind-blowing. I congratulate him on reaching this all-important milestone and wish him all success in his journey.

Mithileshwar Thakur
Additional Director General, Ministry of Commerce and Industry
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