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Sanjay Sahay is a widely recognized hard core tech practitioner, visionary tech- evangelist, cyber security guru, management expert, leading professional public speaker, thought leader, and a writer. His expanse of topics is legendary, which are conspicuously his own. It has manifested in his life, thought, speeches, writings and above all action. His has been a desperate journey of Making Change Happen with a firm conviction in the adage – You are what you do and not what you speak. He is now a tech entrepreneur. He has founded TechConPro, pioneering Technology Consultancy Aggregator.

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DailyPost 2553 THE POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT GAME Democracy and empowerment go hand in hand to an extent that the basic operation of democracy is dependent upon the nature of empowerment ushered in. The harsh reality is that democratic empowerment revolves more outside the polling booths and polls, than being fully depending on them, barely following the well-established democratic workflow.

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DailyPost 2552 FROM EQUALITY TO EMPOWERMENT THROUGH RESERVATION Democracy is presumed to be a thinking machine, having the capability to keep improving itself in its entirety. Any incremental improvement year on year on principles, processes, attitudes, conventions and practice keep on adding up into a democracy which becomes one of its kind. You can call it out with

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DailyPost 2551 MANAGING ORGANISATIONAL MINEFIELD Lots of studies and research have been conducted on organizations and every issue related to it. Organizations have been the main of focus of management, from the nimble ones, say a startup to trillion-dollar corporations to gigantic governments to MNCs operating in most countries in the world. Neither have theoretical abstractions, nor standard

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Major Cyber Breaches

Getting hacked is the new normal. Stuxnet in 2010 can be termed as 9/11 of Cyber Security. The precision, complexity, capability and stealth of a cyber weapon / hack was made known to the world. Edward Snowden and NSA fiasco and Glen Greenwald story brought the machinations of Cyber vulnerability to the world centre stage. Since 2014 Cyber Security has become the number one national security threat of the US. Ransomware since its massive world appearance in May 2017 by WannaCry, has challenged the Cyber Security world, hack after hack, the most recent one being the ransom payment of $11 million by the Brazilian meat major JBS. Major hacks define human existence now.

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