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Sanjay Sahay is a widely recognized hard core tech practitioner, visionary tech- evangelist, cyber security guru, management expert, leading professional public speaker, thought leader, and a writer. His expanse of topics is legendary, which are conspicuously his own. It has manifested in his life, thought, speeches, writings and above all action. His has been a desperate journey of Making Change Happen with a firm conviction in the adage – You are what you do and not what you speak. He is now a tech entrepreneur. He has founded TechConPro, pioneering Technology Consultancy Aggregator.

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DailyPost 2437 THE UNION LEGISLATURE The union legislature is the democratic functional body which is at the core of a vibrant democracy. Democracy is the only system of government, which runs on the will of the people. Herein, lies the sovereignty of the nation and to capability to make laws, amend, discuss issues threadbare, hold government responsible, and

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DailyPost 2436 IF YOU CANNOT IDENTIFY YOUR MISTAKES… The best thing is not to commit mistakes. Bismarck said the wise man learns from the mistakes of others. If you cannot identify your mistakes, you are doomed, given the world’s experience, it can also be treated as truism. The truism applies to individuals, institutions, organizations, associations, groups, communities, states

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DailyPost 2435 AI AGE – TAKING TECHNOLOGY HEAD ON? India does not seem to be in a habit to take technology head on. We have become accustomed to being bystanders or be on fringes of it being users / customers. Some benefits we have reaped going the huge market we are and global positioning and not because of

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Major Cyber Breaches

Getting hacked is the new normal. Stuxnet in 2010 can be termed as 9/11 of Cyber Security. The precision, complexity, capability and stealth of a cyber weapon / hack was made known to the world. Edward Snowden and NSA fiasco and Glen Greenwald story brought the machinations of Cyber vulnerability to the world centre stage. Since 2014 Cyber Security has become the number one national security threat of the US. Ransomware since its massive world appearance in May 2017 by WannaCry, has challenged the Cyber Security world, hack after hack, the most recent one being the ransom payment of $11 million by the Brazilian meat major JBS. Major hacks define human existence now.

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