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Ransom, the world has been aware for times immemorial, as a critical element in the money being generated out of crime. The kidnapper and the victim are two prime characters in this real life drama. The digital world transformed the way we live and interact, trade and crime. Data is the new victim and hacker the new kidnapper.
RANSOMWARE combines ransom as in the conventional understanding and ware; out of software and in short is a computer malware.
However much we try to believe that the world has not changed, in reality it has and beyond our comprehension. Encryption is at the root of this attack and the hacker gains control over system. The ransomware may also encrypt the computer’s Master File Table.
While it gained popularity in Russia, the use of ransomware attacks have grown internationally and more and more such attacks are being reported in India as well. McAfee had collected more than 2,50,000 unique samples of ransomware way back in 2013. CryptoLocker & CryptoWall ransomware have generated USD 3 & 18 million respectively.
Wishing away this real threat is not the answer. I am presently in midst of ransomware case. Basic precautions of anti-virus and back up has not been adhered to. The back up was also on the same server. Connecting the back up indirectly to internet can also negate the whole exercise. Such attacks will happen, do we have the resilience to bounce back.
Resilience will happen, if we understand and prepare ourselves. Backup is a great tool. IT security is too important to be left only to IT professionals only. It might decimate your enterprise completely.

Sanjay Sahay

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