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You would have heard a number of times that some fellow had one simple experience, hardship or tussle and he decided to take his own course, totally different from what he was pursuing, his life changed and he became a super success. It broadly gives a feeling that it all happened by accident and tectonic change was more of a chance. The adage is when preparation meet opportunity it is called luck from a very rational point of view. Might be that level of ongoing preparation seems to be precondition for game changers to happen. The preparation is also that of mind which develops the uncanny knack of discerning the opportunity.

In reality every minute of life is an opportunity, if it is taken from that point of view. An one minute talk might be enough to change the mind of a person if we have the capability to grasp its potential. This might be a bit of an exaggeration to prove ones point but the reality is that day in and day out opportunities happen which we don’t have the capabilities to see, the blinkers are always on, our own understanding of the standard opportunity keep operating on our minds. The fluid, nebulous and the undefined.

The far fetched too. The opportunity is quite visible but it is a little far off in time, then we don’t treat it as on opportunity. Time is a very important ingredient in the cost benefit analysis. But only this consideration leads to loss of large number of opportunities. Same is happening with numerous known applications of large number of emerging technologies, which are distant and is likely to happen with humungous effort, then nobody is ready to take the plunge. For sure the success will be yours but there would be no shortcut.

Life is all about encashing on millions of floating opportunities sufficient for every one of us to make a life of their life; all successful people followed that and lots in areas they had no even heard of. They had developed the intuition to decide and more so the guts and the gumption to make a success out of it, whatever come may. These are people who define mankind. While one sees no opportunity the other sees one opportunity after the another and keeps making a success of it, in any number of sectors, areas or geographies.


Sanjay Sahay

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