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When things go wrong, it is but natural to have a feeling of remorse, which makes you ponder over the consequences and helps not to repeat the same mistake again, which may have happened due to design, default or ignorance. There is an amount of surprise in the nature of impact which causes remorse. Thus, it is a positive feeling, worthy of being one of core human behavioral traits. Unfortunately, vast majority of individuals, professional groups, enterprises, societies and nations seem to have become remorseless and most of the ills that have befallen is for that reason.

The age of capitalism, with inbuilt consumerism; obsession with capitalism defined personal & professional growth with ill conceived financial gains models have brought our civilization to the crossroads of human history. Below the ephemeral layer of organization and structure, what we have created strikes at the very base of humanity; from environment to data. From Bhopal gas tragedy to Cambridge Analytica has been the saga of remorseless leaders; business and political & practitioners and professionals having gone haywire. Even if thrown out of business they start venture after venture on the same model.

The disconnect between the pre-sales to development to production to warranty and beyond is the story of a broken supply chain. This is the supply chain that is provided to the customer paying from of his nose. Their supply chain has the finesse of machine learning and artificial intelligence where every fact / data / sentiment is ripped bare for commercial exploitation. The vision and mission are grandiose statements bereft of consumer concern. Pricing is an unfettered area globally from that of a software to our very own dosa. The customer experience is decided by them whether the customer needs or not.

The GDPR is in tatters even before it has been stitched. The owner does not know the data created, transacted upon and monetised. The user is snooped by all who can. CSR is also sold and branded. Things can go wrong, it mostly goes wrong. It is by design so it not accepted. Flaunted welfare and good intent by professionally remorseless people is the biggest threat to our well being.


Sanjay Sahay

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