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Talent has over generations and centuries become mythical to our existence. It has become synonymous to performance to the extent that the vast majority finds solace in using it as an alibi for being average performers. Geoff Colvin in his book titled Talent states that it is overrated as part of the extended title itself. The theme of the book is to unravel what really separates world class performers from everybody else. The standard popular misconception has always been hard work or innate talent.

The reality is that lots of professionals put in hard work all their life & reach nowhere. Lots of professionals from various fields when tested on objective / empirical parameters are not found different from the rookies. In some cases they have deteriorated over the years. This is plight professional are in. This can be called as experience imbroglio, a catch 22 situation.

Research has very conclusively proved that Deliberate Practice, is the differentiating factor and it applicable universally. This is precisely what world class are made of. It has to happen over sufficient length of time & intensity. This nature of practice makes the skill look completely natural. It becomes one’s instinct. It affects parts of the brain for adapting to this activity.

It has a purpose & a plan which is meticulously executed. It is neatly organised in an organic manner; seamless & silent. The design of the practice is the killer. It’s design for that moment / stage with improving / upgrading being an relentless exercise. It’s cumulative. Tiger Woods pursued the same even at the pinnacle of career, improving upon himself. They keep their deliberate practice way beyond anybody can imagine of. They resent the idea of told it’s God given. If you don’t practice for a week, you can make out the difference. If you ask how many hours you need per day to train / study to reach a world class, you will never be there. Whatever it takes, is the answer.


Sanjay Sahay

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