Feedback 26

Sanjay Sahay is an inspiring personality. His innovative use of WhatsApp for his Daily Posts has provided a new approach to disseminating his remarkable ideas on a daily basis. Having studied with Sanjay, I have always been fascinated by his commitment and his passion. These and other qualities are amply displayed in his various Daily …

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Feedback 25

A thought provoking technology writer, leader and security analyst, Sanjay Sahay sir presents and possesses multi dimensional approach in his daily post. His writings cover a wide spectrum and in depth research on agenda topics ranging from technology of today to futuristic and upcoming technologies. His analysis of various technologies is second to none. He …

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Feedback 24

Writing the post on daily basis without any gap itself is a greatest achievement. The dedication, effort and concern of ADGP, Sri. Sanjay Sahay sir is commendable. Sri.Sanjay Sahay, sir himself is a moving knowledge repository and he has concern to share his knowledge to the society through DailyPost so that it is put into …

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Feedback 23

5, 57, 0000 words, 1000 posts, 23 categories. This statistics represents the DailyPost journey from WhatsApp writing to a monumental knowledge portal. A journey of sheer passion and consistent grit. What sets it apart is that it’s living, futuristic and amazingly diverse in its content.

Feedback 22

Art is not in a watertight compartment but it has to be interacted with all the other human activities, all the branches of science, literature, religion, illusions and intuitions. I appreciate Mr. Sanjay Sahay’s initiative to establish this with the collaboration of Art & Technology in his DailyPost website. Congratulations on reaching DailyPost Milestone 1000.

Feedback 21

“Where Passion, knowledge and unfathomable commitment converge, an extraordinary persona of Shri Sanjay Sahay emerge. Unmatchable elixir of Multi-domain faculty when get Superimposed as daily knowledge packed golden spray of words, every such potent knowledge feed leaves an indelible imprint in your mind. 1000 days is an endorsement of Sanjay’s unique solo journey. His golden …

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Feedback 20

Truly a pleasure to read Mr. Sanjay Sahay’s DailyPost notes. His succinct notes on various topics capture his farsighted insights, philosophy, in-depth analysis and interpretational abilities. Personally feel this is an unparalleled resource and a definitive guide to everything around us. A simple visit by Sanjay Sahay to Akanksha Art Exhibition last month took us …

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Feedback 19

I have been reading the DailyPosts of Mr.Sanjay Sahay and it has been extremely useful. Specifically when we look at the way frauds happen, the way people are cheated and lots of community and social issues happening, there are lot of subtle things that are there and understanding the subtlety is very crucial. These articles …

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Feedback 18

Every morning comes not only with new fervour and energy but also the neural joy of Daily Post. Our frequent early morning tele talks and cerebral engagements have been a hallmark of our friendship. Let me express my gratitude that this daily ritual has revived my sagging academic zeal. Your sustained thrust for new knowledge …

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Feedback 17

Mr.Sanjay Sahay is obsessed with his security mission. Better be safe than sorry, he wants the nation to be conscious of the dark deep web, the real & the fake -the threats from cyberspace. Beware of cyber penetration & hijacks. Innovate cyber shields to avoid becoming cyber casualties. Stay updated with his daily posts.

Feedback 16

Evenings since the last three years do not seem complete until I’ve read Mr. Sahay’s daily posts. Like an alchemist, each day, Mr. Sahay sends out a new magical creation of sheer brilliance on topics that touch our daily lives. From the good and bad angles of social media, to the unknown dangers of new …

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