Feedback 26

Sanjay Sahay is an inspiring personality. His innovative use of WhatsApp for his Daily Posts has provided a new approach to disseminating his remarkable ideas on a daily basis. Having studied with Sanjay, I have always been fascinated by his commitment and his passion. These and other qualities are amply displayed in his various Daily Posts.
After full day of work, he still comes up with innovative inspiring and creative posts on variety of subjects. His depth of knowledge is demonstrated by the wide amplitude of the subjects covered in Daily Posts. I remember being on a dinner with Sanjay and Sanjay while we were traveling for a dinner and on during the first part of the dinner, Sanjay was constantly typing for his Daily Post on his mobile phone and it was only after he finished the post that we started talking.
We all have been benefitted from his perspectives and I continue to look forward to reading his post to enhance my knowledge and get a glimpse of different perspectives.
India requires far more Sanjay Sahays to transform itself into a knowledge society. Hats-off to Sanjay for his remarkable contribution in spreading the light of knowledge and looking forward to his completing the next 1000 posts.

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