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When tested ones fail, then lets not venture to find out the fate of untested ideas. In world of innovation it is said only one out fifty seven ideas become successful. Even that might be an understatement. Still ideas rule the world, they change mankind; products, services, processes, institutions, systems of governance et al. The only oxygen to the world is ideas. Only ideas that can happen are worth making a try. Who tests these ideas? Can it be tested? What is the methodology? In the age of innovation & start-ups this can turn out to be the magical tool.

In a book on breakthrough thinking, The Net and The Butterfly, the authors suggest a classic tool, enunciated by Edward de Bono, namely Six Thinking Hats. He is one of the foremost experts on how to think. Each hat is a line of thinking / thought process, in totality can do authentic validation.

Blue Hat (Managing)focuses on process, managing time & big picture. White Hat (Information) considers facts on the ground, real situation, figures & metrics. Red Hat(Emotions) focuses on emotional resonance, how others would be impacted, including your empathy and fears. Green Hat(Creativity) focuses on creative thinking, new possibilities, perspectives, solution & refining new ideas. Black Hat(Discernment) has a skeptical outlook; potential risks, problems, obstacles & weaknesses. Yellow Hat(Optimistic outlook) focuses on positive thinking, on benefits & best case scenarios of the possible solution. A comprehensive testing tool indeed.

We need people with different hats has to run the tool, which we call the Crew and a total six hat man to take a call. Stitching a crew together would be a worthwhile task. Tom Chi style brainstorming session with the trusted crew is ideally suited to test breakthroughs. A further hardening can be building a Constraint Box, of Edison, light bulb, iconic fame. A seemingly successful formula to evaluate future breakthroughs.


Sanjay Sahay

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