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Government provides legal sanctity, validation and authentication from your identity to various aspects of your existence. This is a critical governmental function and provide the basic nuts and bolts of governance to the country. What better than being certified by a sovereign state or agencies of it, specialized in those official tasks. Every financial process and its individual actions are legally validated for fairness, competitive prices, quality and of it fulfilling the purpose, for which it was procured. Besides certifying all the activities mentioned for no wrong doing, on the human resources side, the governmental human resources management also provides for an annual certification of integrity.

It means that year on year his financial conduct has been verified for 365 days and has been found to be impeccable. No one is the system is unfit to provide this certification, which is generally a part of the appraisal mechanism. No one is denied of this great power, because of a negative track record. So, anyone in that position can provide anyone’s certification as long as the resource works under his command and control. It is presumed that there is no need of any other specialized resource or independent information to enable you come to this judgement in fair, empirical and objective manner. One remark against the integrity column as beyond reasonable doubt takes care of legal status of a saint for a year. No back check provisions to verify integrity of the period in question at a later date is provided for.

It is done with the mechanical regularity. The credentials of the certifiers are themselves not known. There are cases after cases whereas in decades a few get caught. Does it mean they got corrupt only then? Integrity and being corrupt is used synonymously, which itself decimates the ambit considerably, you can keep doing things outside the de facto operations of the law. There are any number of positions in the government and within the sovereign state for which integrity needs to validated by agencies prescribed. The legal presumption then is that all who adorn the government and state from the smallest to the high and mighty are certified to be persons of integrity.

People might beg to differ out based of their own experiences and skeletons that keep tumbling down at an alarming regularity, each out beating the other. In case of cases the sanction of prosecution and variety of the other approvals which come in way. Can that also be treating as safeguarding integrity? Life beyond corruption on the other elements of integrity the less said the better. Pushing business interests while holding levers of political power is the ultimate challenge to integrity. Conflict of interest understanding and practice is as archaic as ever. Affidavits as final legal declaration of politicians at the time of elections without any governmental backend verification has no value. Legislature and executive have at least been technically bifurcated. What about politicians with business interests, in legislatures and in political executive? The cost of certifying integrity which the nation bleeds to pay in huge.

Sanjay Sahay

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