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Democratic nexus or a nexus called democracy, whichever you term it, the destination remains the same. A nexus of the democratically powerful and the rich in a variety of ways, of lobbyists, media, NGOs at times and segments of the media, creating an operational mechanism, quite contrary to constitutional propriety. On the face of it, they play by the rules of the game and quite prove it too, until and unless some earth-shattering efforts are made to make the nexus crystal clear. The positive part that is has been made to happen quite a few times in our short democratic history. The unison of purpose of democratic nexus stakeholders, gives them the “legal might” to dictate results in the manner they want and get away with.

First things first, what does constitutional propriety and legally mandated mechanism under it talk of, regarding concentration of power. While the powers on paper have been neatly distributed between legislature, executive and judiciary, how does it happen on the ground. Leaving the judiciary aside for the time being, the supremacy of the supreme organ called the legislature, has been suspect for decades now. The law makers have nothing to do with the law making. The political executive of the day and the legislature; whether union or states are one and same thing for all practical purposes, having been studying their operations in the last few decades.

Even more interesting than this facet is overarching control of the political party, which happens to be the mother organization of our democracy. What an irony, party spokespersons bats for the government every night on prime-time television. Ultimate blasphemy. Few political parties add up into democracy, rest of the democratic stakeholders and more so the supreme stakeholder, the electorate, has to keep fighting for its existence. In the current parlance, he is termed beneficiary. Nexus stakeholders have their access and privileges and have democratic roles and benefits, that is not open to voter’s vision.

None of the nexus stakeholders speak to the democratic even when they are put in the dock or are suspect. Even when they do, it is mostly theory or copybook, evasive to say the least, while lesser menials keep bragging about them, day in and day out. None of the stakeholders would get into the nitty gritty of anything being discussed about them, for being the suspect prima donnas. Segments of the media for reasons best known to them; for freebies, ads and what not have been onboarded long time back. The also serve wait and write. We have come to a situation wherein any media entity can literally profess and propagate, whatever it wants, having nothing to do with news, content, research or investigation, that the country needs. “Engineered Legality” is another area which nexus stakeholders have mastered, manifested in quite a few cases, same sentiments are now being echoed by large sections, in the now nullified electoral bonds law.

Sanjay Sahay

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