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The Indian citizen is the collateral damage of the nature of politics being played out, by the rules of the game, created by the prominent players themselves over a period time. How much of democratic traditions became a part of the individual and national DNA is a matter of conjecture, but the present state of politics and governance is there to stay. Gradually,  it has either become a mindset issue or a comfort issue in not known. Or we have forgotten that there can be another method of political battle and governance. It is next to impossible to find a different brand of governance delivery through this nature of mechanism, certainly it has very little to do with the transitioning of governments.

Whatever might be the issue, where are the creative energies and the firepower of heavyweights being used – to target the political adversaries. If you get literally into the tangible narrative of the nation, ninety percent of the time is used for this purpose. Behind the public narrative you can well imagine the strategy and preparatory time that would be going into it. Now that public life has become completely camera and media driven, certainly it would requiring  much more of meticulous planning. The facial expressions and gestures give an idea of the venom that is being spewed all around. All play the same game.

In the battle for power and its sustenance, citizenry is a mock spectator having forced  to go through the democratic role end to end and he dutifully performs it. In a intense action packed law and order situation, when parties battle it out, there are many a times collateral damage, it can a minor injury to anything very dangerous. You have to be really lucky to come out of it without any damage. Gain, victory, benefit or welfare as you know cannot emanate out of such a battle. This is the collateral damage which we face as bystanders in this political pitched battle, which we have nothing to do and is not of  our creation.

Franchise unfortunately is the genesis of battle for power and also its certification, which in ideal situations should have become the proactive tool for delivering everything what the voter / citizen has asked for, through his ballot. In reality it happens to be the other way round; the feel of power is different given the numerical strength you have. Accordingly, governments differ is their approach, stance and delivery. How can delivery be the function of composition of legislatures? For sure the political battles are decided by this composition. Instead of the collateral damage, relentless delivery and welfare is what we look for. Politics is a tool but certainly not for the common man.


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