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Whatever might be the your  positioning in any job, product delivery, service or governance, the whole thought process that I need to know only this much, does not work out in life. That my job description requires only that small cubby knowledge also does not work out. Your work and your capability will never get a market fit, until and unless you don’t understand the full life cycle of task you are assigned with. It might be a product life cycle, it might be a service life cycle or it an be a governmental service / infrastructure creation life cycle. This does not mean you master it all, it only means that you understand the system in totality. This would help you understand your positioning and capability to deliver will increase manifold.

This in simple terms means understanding your ecosystem in a professional and a technical manner and aligning your work accordingly, to achieve the best output. An output which completely gels with the interfaces on which the system finally delivers, whatever system it might be. What you can understand in simple terms is the understanding of a complete assembly line. When it comes to life, everything gets unstuck, if you don’t understand the lifecycle of things; professional or personal. You understand only the percentage of marks in board exam but you don’t understand the processes of entering a professional course. Life gets unstuck, the converse is also true.

Taking cue from this, the student in a professional college is fully geared to crack his exam, not having any idea about the expertise he should pick up, what can be the alternate career paths and the pros and cons of life. If you don’t know the knowledge and expertise life cycle or ensuing professional lifecycle, how far can we go. The students are paying a heavy price for their lack of understanding of the student’s life cycle. Professional college managements lack of understanding of this  the fast changing and nebulous life cycle of expertise, is throwing up problems all over, from students to the industry. The challenge is nobody understands what he or she is doing and life goes crashing, when hit by impending disaster.

The challenge is if you don’t understand the lifecycle of what you are in, you cannot discern when things go wrong, leave aside taking correctional action. If we had not known the human life cycle what all could we would have been able to plan, achieve, practice, handle or sustain. The ideal expression for people who don’t want to understand the life cycle they are in, can be ideally defined as hanging in mid air or midway to nowhere. One who does not understand where his activity, education, professional life starts, the way it is likely to progress, to bloom and how it would end, is a failed professional and failed person. Unfortunately, they claim the maximum success, we can only sympathise with them.


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