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Conferencing is a serious business& is rightly presumed to a manifestation of a vibrant intellectual culture. Lots of time & energy goes into it, with months of preparation. Unformatted it remains and the output remains unaudited. Either the funds are to be exhausted or the sponsorship money ( some delegate fee ) is to be blown up. Logistics becomes a nightmare. Thus, five star hotels, presumably, the worst locations for an academic / intellectual conference slowly has taken over the center stage. This conferencing is a serious business, from the business point of view.

Who is competent enough to host a conference is the first basic question?Hordes of event management companies have got into the trade. They do what they know best, create the hype and glamour. Couple of low end paid young employees keep struggling with the speakers / communication and the content. Best of the conferences barely have any reading material, leave aside a suggested reading list. Few pages of concept note, if there, or one or two paragraphs on the invite mail, eflyer, one advertisement and one paragraph each, generally a small one for each session.

Is there is narrative for the conference and a final goal? How does the format align to that self professed narrative? Based on couple of parameters the conferences need to rated, so that all the stakeholders have a clear idea as to what they are in for. The quality of the speakers needs to be evaluated based on the expertise & what they have contributed to the topic? The same moron output is dished conference after conference. More often than not the same ppt is circulated conference after conference by speakers, academic or corporate.

It’s high time conferencing in India has to put on a stable, robust and sustainable footing. A national protocol would certainly discipline this academic & Professional endeavors and bring sanity to this great enterprise. Business with no goal cannot be the only prime mover.


Sanjay Sahay

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