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The first task which a human mind attempts to do on reflex, is to typify a product, writing, feeling, process and the like. it helps him to attach attributes to it, and that helps bring clarity to his understanding. We have all studied, learned and elevated our knowledge in a variety of ways, but finally settled down for the structured ones. It is easy to follow, is safe and makes sense in communication with any person belonging to the same or similar ecosystem. As it is said, what we don’t know, we don’t know and speculating on it, that too with confidence, is like moving on a minefield. People create individual competencies, which even betrays our wildest imagination, but having brought it into reality, we are forced to accept it. Steve Jobs is one name known to all of us.

A reality cannot be debated till the time you have another reality to successfully contradict it. In that, the successful one becomes the reality henceforth. Same applies with knowledge, competencies, expertise, acumen and execution capabilities. While the history of the world has proved to us so; that human knowledge and effort have no ceiling, still we are at our wits end, when we find it happening in our midst. The interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary lot will keep defining the world; the academician and the practitioner; Noam Chomsky, Elon Musk alike, while the sceptics will continue to remain in wonderful bewilderment. The first competency the mediocre world teaches you is to define your competence and thus limit it.

Competency expansion / extension / iterative development is our fate, we need to allow ourselves to get into this discovery. There is backdrop to the knowledge level of a person based on his academic, professional life, areas he got interested in, even knowledge and expertise he was forced to learn, capability to connect to his own knowledge canvas and ability to execute; validating the theoretical knowledge. How much of knowledge have you assimilated; built upon your knowledge base year on year, without losing out anything worthwhile; with the capability of shuffle, search and deliver, is the grey matter you carry. If knowledge dissemination is your calling, it would take different dimensions, the capability to write and the gift of gab makes it easy to make a success in the public domain. Then you start making sense to the world and break all barriers. Academicians though being in teaching (speaking) profession, don’t get into public domain with ease, notwithstanding notable exceptions.

Experiential learning emanating out of the convergence of different streams of knowledge and practice, tested by live execution and its utility, is the ultimate learning. Demis Hassabis of DeepMind is an excellent example. This is the authenticated and validated knowledge through its own process, which cannot be compared to simple tools of attribution. That is meant for a different level of audience. Experiential learning can lead to originality par excellence, if you have capability, grit and perseverance to take it to that level. Give to the world what is thought provoking, futuristic and undeniably original. If done consistently, it becomes one of its kind knowledge base; dynamic, real time and useful for an endless variety of users. The readers are the final validators post after post, year after year, lots even getting addicted. For the detractors, there are endless digital tools on the world wide web to satisfy themselves.

Sanjay Sahay

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