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A grave psychological crisis has been looming large in this country for quite sometime, has gotten accentuated in the COVID-19 times, as it has been a great leveller and it does not deal with anything but objectivity, the damage cannot be camouflaged. It cannot be wished away either. But this crisis is not because of COVID-19, it predates it by decades. The psychological issue is not to see reality as it stands even if it is stark naked. It does not impact even if you are in a position to make a difference. Not accepting our failure in knowledge or effort, there is an effort to push forth a different story. The real crisis is that we don’t want to put in our best effort, never say never die and don’t fall into an assembly line of objectivity and live a life of professional sanity and delivery.

The reality is that most of the work we do, or all the work we do, with a few exceptions falls in assembly line mode. Is needs to be done that way. There are successful models that are available. It just needs to be followed. There are benchmarks and there are standardised models of evaluation and on it are based remedial mechanisms. We are made to believe that we are doing exceptional work, while in reality you may not even be delivering the lowest end work. We project worse than run of the mill work, to the nemesis of the organisation and community. The individual gains as he is working in an ecosystem which is conducive to him, having people of his ilk all around.

Getting the best out of the system for oneself becomes the name of the game. Every single day the number of persons approaching you if you are in a responsible position, for this purpose, is humungous. Very rarely you will find anybody visiting you to do a professional work, committing delivery with whatever efforts it requires. The IT world has created a formula of effort and cost calculation, delivery not guaranteed. The wizardry of that formula is that all the parameters are under the control of the vendor and the customer / owner falls in the category of the paid bystander. The psychological crisis unfolds with a very clear cut manifestation in full time involvement in the creation of an extraordinary professional persona, where in reality he or she is not even making to the lowest of the grades.

This psychological crisis further manifests in lowering benchmarks relentlessly. We know the fate of marks our kids score in the board exams. We are transferring this psychological crisis lock, stock and barrel to our kids. Indian driving licences were not accepted in the UN for those working in the peace keeping missions. We are in the process of losing a whole generation. If effort were to be calculated in the history of mankind, the way we do, we would not have seen today’s world. This psychological crisis negates all that human race stands for. Governance on its own accentuates this crisis. Crying fowl, pushing the buck and making accountability a permanent systemic gap is a route to decimation.


Sanjay Sahay

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