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Political thought has from time to time talked about conceptual political framework, the encapsulation of will of the people, the governance mechanism, Max Weber’s thoughts on bureaucracy, our own rajdharma, steel frame and the like. We have also developed the best possible democratic checks are balances. Still we find most of our governance or the public interest time being wasted in battling it out. The laws and decisions landing in courts, courts forced to adjudicate and deliver decisions concerning the executive domain. The legislature has had the onerous task of simplifying our laws, make it executable and should not end up in adjudication as a norm.

When laws become the bone of contention with agitations for repeal or get into the justiciable mode even before getting into the proper execution phase, there is some issue somewhere. This is not a new phenomenon, it has been the second skin of Indian democracy. Our democracy is as smooth as our famed rural roads. There is certainly something that has gone seriously amiss. Any mechanism that is not seamless will not yield desired results. That is the crossroad where we are currently positioned. The government’s exalted role of God’s Work and Truth only Triumphs seems to be giving way.

The role of the democratic governments cannot be fulfilled with the thought processes and tools that have been provided to achieve the same. With the complexities we face and the stiffness we carry, there can be no common ground. On a very careful consideration, the final conclusion is that the main role of government is that of a pathfinder and a referee, separately or combined depending on the situation it handles. Referee’s role is one of its kind. He creates a level playing field. Reacts instantaneously and with utmost objectivity. He works in full public view. Timelines are strictly followed and any misdemeanour is immediately dealt with. He creates an aura enabled decision making that cannot be generally challenged. He can handle any number team/s in different matches. With fairness never in doubt all the decisions are accepted with happiness.

The loser never feels like a forced loser, he happily accepts defeat to come out as a winner next time. It is the government’s job to create a democratic level playing field and then be the referee. It cannot take sides. The second role in the fast moving, unknown, untrodden world in that of a pathfinder. The untrodden path which everybody would agree to. A research based empirical one, understanding the economic, technical and domain capabilities and creating the best possible option and being a guide and provide support all throughout. There is no place for party or politics. The world has changed, so should governance.


Sanjay Sahay

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