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Pose has of late become an all encompassing word of human existence, given the permeation of pictures all around, courtesy the social media. We are all in a state of pose. Pose means “to move into and stay in a particular position, in order to be photographed, painted, etc.” This was called a photo-op, the utility and significance has long been debated. It was presumed to be visual treat, whatever might be fate of the mission, for which it was photographed. A pic of the yours with food you have cooked or about to eat, has become a must. A pic at the airport announces your travel to the moon.

The expertise gained at giving the right pose for the pic can put the professional photographer to shame. And the hangers on, are always there to advise you, if they find something getting even slightly awry. Actually, they have also been doing the same pose drama from morning till evening. If still something is wanted you get into the video editing mode, of your ever ready smartphone, which has all the tools to edit, zoom and enhance your pose. One might not to able to write one sentence correctly, but the pic shooting and editing capabilities are world class.

Sometime back a successful event was all you needed to declare your success. A project being grandoise and you being the prima donna. The social media and the digtial ecosystem has taken the story to a different trajectory. Audience or no audience, content or no content, a set of well posed pics, digitally enhanced to kill can deliver what the most well meaning, well attended, super successful event can’t. With eyes glued to the social media like a lifeline, this is the dopamine, which helps sell anything.

Life mediated by screen has it’s own liability. It’s a filter we should do without, most of the time. Success is being redefined. These pics and equally competent videos can perform any task. Pose also means, “to pretend to be something that you are not or to have qualities that you do not have, in order to be admired or attract interest” It’s time to pause and think, whether you are just posing in your life.


Sanjay Sahay

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