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Projects are viewed and dealt differently by the nature of your relationship with the project and the nature of stake holding you have in it. Most of the time is gone in trying to sort the perimeters of your role, mainly what you are not responsible for and that you have fulfilled what you have been obligated for. This issue lies with the other stakeholders. This story starts long after the project gets its kick off. Any bottleneck is a spoke in the wheel and here, there would are many. There are project management professionals galore and so are the experts of this management discipline. The projects are tied through management processes and software defining and documenting every single element to its final fruition. The gaping hole still remain.

The business component of the project reigns supreme. Business can be read as financial.  It is treated as a series of activities coming together as per a plan for delivery and it is believed that all elements would automatically fall line and the project would magically deliver. The creation of a project is a solution to a business / managerial / technical problem, which if solved would improve productivity and efficiency. It can bring down the drudgery  considerably. It can aid both in situational awareness and decision making. Of late the term user experience has come in vogue, which is primarily being used for customers,* but in an official, commercial or an industrial / manufacturing setting, the same adds immense value to the professional life and comfort of staff, management and the leadership.

Generally, the business and managerial components were not being given much heed so far, the technical, engineering and brick and mortar part were playing the predominant roles. The bedrock (tech) of a project cannot be a whole project or a solution. No project hangs in midair. It has backward and forward linkages, which only a solutioning mindset can fathom out, that has a immense impact on the life of the project and also it’s connect with the systems and processes that are already in place. Non-solution mindset and expertise also means a siloed thought process and expertise in place, which will manifest itself during different milestones of project execution and more than that, after the initial euphoria of commissioning. The siloed concept and practice of projects have huge financial and work-related damages inbuilt. At this stage correctional / remedial action becomes near impossible.

The solutioning expertise comes from the complete understanding of the requirements and also reasonably good understanding of the enterprise backdrop and the ecosystem. In the process one also find the purpose and then the relevant / innovative process. You are not limited to dictated technology and mechanized management process. The knowledge of products, software and protocols comes in handy and discerning, reasonably good research and the capability to conduct controlled experiments or proof of concepts can pull through the right solution. Technical pathfinding is not an easy job and generally people are averse to it. How the solution fits into the overall system of operational technologies, products and systems, can also provide a more functional tilt. The data centric enterprise approach will add functional and business value to the solution.


Sanjay Sahay

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