Daily Post 1270


The contours of COVID-19 which was depicted by the urgency to construct hospitals as seen by frantic moving JCBs and large scale fumigation of cities, precision quarantine operations has turned world’s biggest emergency. Calling it just a health emergency is undermining the impact it is making to human existence itself. The world will never be same having gone through this experience. What public health means now has hit not only human mind but the psyche the hard way. What effort is required to sort it out has no answers, the only answer is whatever we have should be put into this was effort.

The famed transition to work from home has no value for the crisis we are in. Work in this situation can be defined as an activity which contributes in this war effort. Rest is inconsequential. The transition from the business mode to the existential mode does not happen so easily. The reason is that we have not seen, experienced or directly heard of anything of this magnitude. Something which affects the whole mankind. Govts are on the war mode already. What can combined might of the business machine, the humungous corporates of the world do?

They own lots by way of products and services which this war requires. An organised strategy on their part in alignment with the government would be in order. Health and corporates have had a long association by now. Let this add to our might to fight this war. They can fathom out the ways and means. The pharmaceutical industry knows the products, supply chain and how to maintain availability. This industry in not only peacetime its more for such national / global emergencies. The rhythm of life is through products and services pharmaceuticals and otherwise from corporates is the need of the hour.

Every nook and corner needs this help. The stress itself is bursting at its seams. Corporate Social Responsibility can prove its worth. Legally mandated funds for CSR should be used cumulatively for pre-decided activities of this was effort for the current and next financial year. The spend and effort need not be limited to legally mandated funds. All funds are meant for human life. Let it flow. Let every penny needed and every resource needed; human or otherwise, should be made available for waging this war. Speed is the essence. This trust machine is bound to win.


Sanjay Sahay

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