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While detractors can have field day amongst their ilk, the harsh reality is that AI is getting into every area at an exponential speed. If in today’s world you don’t have the capability to experiment, you would look like a fool sooner than later. The debate on Artificial Intelligence can go on till time cows home, but what is necessary is that we adopt and get conversant in, whatever is being provided to us for free or for a very small price to change our lives dramatically, while being in unimaginable ease. Nov 30, 2022, would go down as a watershed moment in human history, being the day when ChatGPT was released.

It gained a million of users in no time. ChatGPT and generative AI enabled use cases are falling out of the cupboard with a lightening pace. In such a short time we have reached a stage where you are either with AI or you are nowhere. Images, videos, providing depths to them, changing the environment around the subject and text designs, have enamored us since the days of painting, still photographs, camcorders, and tons of recent developments in recent times, but the artist in us has still remained unsatiated. We have gone through some elements of 3D and elemental AI based software as well.

They have done their bit, but now it’s time to break technological glass ceiling of image, video and text designing. That is the Adobe Firefly, every thing is on the fly in this field. It has reached levels where is being termed as Shocking AI. Creative guys are sitting on the edges of their seat waiting for its commercial release. If the current beta information is anywhere to go by, it would way beyond you farthest imagination. Midjourney and Stable Diffusion has certainly been milestones in the AI based image generation, but Adobe Firefly seems to a definitive gamechanger.

What are the capabilities of Adobe Firefly? The new AI layout is significantly more advanced than Midjourney, as you simply need to click on a filter to get the update what you want. You need not bother about a bunch of other things. The next significant feature is text effects based on filters, it something we have not seen it ever. The picture is dynamic and can be beautifully edited. It is graphic art way beyond the best. Another feature is of highlighting an area on the image with variations already auto-generated, where you can easily create a new image. Fascinating as it may sound, you can create an underwater city in an image, at one click, underwater city prompt as they call it. Sketches can be turned into fully editable images. Logo designs industry is bound to be revolutionized. And it goes on…

Sanjay Sahay

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