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The way the world is moving and getting transformed in the GPT age, it seems that it would not be far off, before everything would have a suffix GPT. In the present context we need to understand this whole AI revolution of large language models, LLMs, which would subsume us sooner than later, if we go by the present trends. These trends are likely to get more and more exponential every passing day, that is what the future holds for us. The foundational models would give way to the autonomous ones and also the customized ones, because that is where the utility for largest number of users is.

The most famous descriptive word, disruptive for emerging technologies has given way to insane when it comes to LLMs. This is just to explain the power of this tool. “AgentGPT Autonomous AGI AI is INSANE! is the blaring headlines, trying to encapsulate what it has. What does AgentGPT do? It allows you deploy AI agents in your browser. It essentially means you can type in any question and it would continuously look for answers. It would also add on additional details you having to take pains and rattle your head for different questions. To make it clear the question of planning trip to Hawaii with step-by-step answer is shown as an example.

Another question is to suggest a business with just an internet connection and computer and having the capability of earning $5000 a month around AI. Press deploy agents and the magic begins. You might be needing an API key if your question needs to have detailing of a considerable high level. As currently, GPT-4 currently allows you for only 25 messages every 3 hours, it is ideal to stick on the 3.5 version for the time being. Once the goal is in place, it starts thinking and the output starts emanating on the right side of the screen.

Technically it can go to infinite questions but some limitations are currently there depending on the current capabilities. Currently too there are suggestions by this tool which even the best of the experts will not be able to provide with that level of coherence. With GPT-4, GPT-5 and beyond, the level of it being insane can’t be even imagined. With the massive user interaction happening globally; practically the knowledge base would not have any parallel in human history. Precision would come into play in a big way and the answers would go down to the minutest details and steps. If would track you chat history and find a meaning out of it, connect to the topics in progress etc and would become the AI sitting on your grey matter working consistently with you.

Sanjay Sahay

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