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The way allegations define Indian DNA and public life and it keeps changing faster the changing sands, it would not be strange to rename the country as Allegations Incorporated. The use of allegations as tool for political success has been well established and slowly is has gone the whole nation swinging on this tune, proclaiming the success of the downward filtration theory. Today India is free for all, anybody can allege anything against anybody, without nothing being proven at the end, or not even an effort being made to achieve that goal. It caters to a pre-decided purpose and build up also needs to be huge on the allegation brought to the public domain to achieve that devious purpose .

That a country can live with endless and open threads of allegations, large / small, major / minor, political and otherwise, is a tribute to the leadership tenacity of the ruling elite, who can have a good night’s sleep in an extremely unhappy status quo. Sitting on can of worms seems to have become the status of the nation. Sometimes, it is an allegation spree, the one we have seen recently in Delhi. We would get into the outcome of the allegations later, the immediate outcome of the this free for all allegation circus is that the Indian constitutional authorities have lost their gravitas. The whole mechanism has descended down to such a level, where you can make out the whole bogey has been created to make the best of a given scenario, however wretched it might be.

Allegations have brought people and political parties to power, made heros out of near zeros and with electronic and social media at your disposal, why should you wait for yet another day. It is a war of attrition. Allegations are nukes and arsenal of India’s thriving and vibrant democracy, so to say. The allegations manufacturing industry on the social media can make or make personalities to reach unimaginable iconic levels. It can vitiate the mood of the nation, creating a make believe world, where stories of the nature wanted and warranted by vested interests can be played in the public domain. Who benefits all of us know!

The general mood of the nation is such, that the people have started believing truth could be transformed into an allegation, acts recorded on camera needs to be proven, acts of human negligence can be churned into acts of God and corruption which scares and looks right in your eyes can be camouflaged into a figment of imagination by the rich and powerful. The capability of powers that be, to use their influence in not allowing to initiate an investigation / enquiry, is the biggest stumbling block. The pace of our investigative agencies and the time taken for judicial trail, leave no scope but to declare investigation / prosecution itself as punishment. The allegation story keeps getting dormant or alive based on large number of circumstances in its journey. If all allegations mostly criminal, charge sheeted, even leaving aside the rest, were to be decided in the next 6 months, the fate of the country will decidedly change once and for all.

Sanjay Sahay

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