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The way you productize technology can make you a world leader or one of the also rans. It happened technology after technology and even in services enabled out of it. It can be related back to the Mac PC to the iPhone and various other firsts and now the same company does it gain. It is bringing the much-touted metaverse closer, in a way. Product development is done on the available technologies, but it is a different game altogether. It brings a utility, feel, experience and above all a purpose for the user. Undeniably, it ought to be futuristic.

It is has done it again and the company as you would have guessed by now is Apple. The product we are talking about is Apple Vision Pro, which has just been launched. This is the biggest hardware launch from the tech stables of Apple in decades. Given the pre-order sales and Apple’s track record of hardware hits, it seems this product will bring about the nature of user tech experience revolution as intended. As the hype of metaverse started dying down with shareholders issues at Meta, this seems of shot in arm. Interestingly, Meta shares also shot up sometime back.

This product brings augmented reality on a firm footing; usable and utilitarian. “Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computing device that takes the form of an augmented reality headset.” What does user get as output? It gives a view of the outside world of the headset and then overlays digital imagery. The magic it does can be broadly described as turning the physical world into your computer desktop. It must be noted that virtual reality was never able to find its place in the commercial market. The VR headset bring in “VR sickness” to significant proportion of its users.

Compared to VR, spatial computing has proven itself to be more comfortable. No virtual space you have to deal with, instead it “uses cameras to display the space they’re currently in.” Hence, the user is not cut off from the surroundings, that is the physical reality and is also able to interact with people around him. From a safety point of view, you are not translocated to a different unreal world, so you can see and avoid obstacles in the real world while wearing the headset. This can lead to early adoption, if the metaverse players find more sense in AR, the next major paradigm shift in tech hardware could be Apple Vision Pro. Priced at $3,499, pre-orders reportedly exceeded 200,000. A space to watch out for sure.

Sanjay Sahay

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