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Terms blacklist and blacklisting have long been used for different purposes by governments against organizations and also business enterprises with dubious / inferior quality activities and operations. It means that such organizations don’t deserve to exist as per basic parameters of civilized human existence. This concept got into the IT world and is best amplified there. “Application blacklisting, sometimes just referred to as blacklisting, is a network administration practice used to prevent the execution of undesirable programs.”

Cross pollination is the order of the day. Lots of major concepts in IT come from different domains and has come to stay. Virus and anti-virus have become common parlance. Neural networks have become the backbone of the ML / AI age computation. Digital world replicates at times, enmeshes at others, draws from other sources for it’s positive sustenance. Blacklisting came out of the governance world and became a common usage in the IT world. Today it’s time for the concept to get back into governance / organizations in a different way. This cross pollination helps the concepts to evolve and become great utility tools, for day to day functioning.

If blacklist is to be used in a productive manner across board, it might mean a much higher level of clarity in our functioning. SOPs / management processes we see all around have not been able to deliver either clarity or deterence or guide decision making it times of crisis. Think of a blacklist for different types of bid process & for contract management. May be no departmental technical evaluation or no specification to be used for the first time or no old evaluation matrix to be used.

No media briefing below a specified level or no promotion without proficiency evaluation, cannot be just don’ts euphemistically called blacklisting. Blacklist should be legally mandated / officially tabooed & well publicised. It should become the organizational DNA & should never broken, whatever come may. This would be a clear cut positive beginning. Having detoxified, the organization will find a way for a healthy growth.


Sanjay Sahay

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