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That technology keeps improving is a truism that the world has experienced for more than a century, the pace of it has also been increasing with every single milestone, that has brought us to this technological age. There are tech whizkids who create the products, software and algorithms which happens to be the fulcrum of our existence, not many unfortunately have come out of India, at least the products which are ruling the world now. It is time we ponder over the reason; is it lack of government support or expertise or the missing never say never die attitude. That we need it to make a tech country out of India.

The government claims to have put in an StartUp ecosystem, which is one of its kind and is propelling tech capital and usage exponentially and with its business model and commercial exploitation of it. But the widespread impact cannot be seen in the wide world. At times it is seen that the StartUps and such other businesses start melting at the first heat of the daylight. Is it because of the lack of knowledge and expertise support at a mass scale. Today, it is a task to get the right mentoring in tech and business in a threadbare manner. While every stakeholder is making efforts from his or her point of view, there are large crevices that need to covered.

While emerging posed its own challenge, the onset of AI age has been like getting into a Ferrari mode. Landscape will just glide by as nobody’s business. The AI age started with ChapGPT’s release on the 30th of Nov 2O22, just over five months since then has shown clear evidence of transforming the world. From the large language models putting the magic sauce into everything to text to video generation. The use cases already in place and the endless on which research in on, are committed to usher in a new world sooner than later. How far are we from even being a part of this bandwagon? From the OpenAI products to Adobe Firefly to NVIDIA’s text to video wizardry, and Midjourney and Stable Diffusion and the like.

What has the government and self-effacing Indian IT world has done to make the best out it. Don’t they feel it is the right time to take the plunge? Or the opportunity would be lost forever. Why has no Indian IT company or StartUp thrown something worthwhile on the AI product line. There seems to be half-baked knowledge all around and most of the connects missing. An AI Studio in a place like Bangalore can light fire in every technologist’s mind and belly. All that is changing the world, should be brought under one roof, with use cases, the nitty gritty of technology and technologists to guide you all through the way, in India and also provide for global connects, who need it. It would be a one stop enablement shop for anything that is required for anyone who is venturing into the AI product / company world. Added to that the business, costing and funding can be adjunct as a complimentary support and not a mandatory one. Only this can lead to the fulfilment of a nation’s tech dream.

Sanjay Sahay

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