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Peace is not a very common situation in today’s world, but fortunately for us but for naxalite stricken areas, most of mainland India remains mostly peaceful. The individual cases, with motives of crimes known, are bound happen in any society, does not come in way of peaceful enjoyment of life by the common population. It is times of peace when rough edges of the vibrant and robust Indian democracy takes over. There are deliberate acts to bring create a state or uneasy calm. This gives rise to a feeling amongst the concerned, the right thinking and people who mean well for the country that there are elements who are at war with peace.

Not only war or pandemic is not conducive to development and growth. Create bickering for personal gain and then vitiate the atmosphere and create an opportunity to prove your power and might has slowly become the template of this country. Distraction to destruction anything can be the consequence and more often than not, the real culprits cannot even been seen. The camouflage can be anything; journalism, politics, social activism, NGO anything. Even a COVID-19 type situation does not distract them. Might be it emboldens them, while the vast majority are battling for either their lives or livelihood, these elements have time and energy to declare a war with peace.

We witnessed this in the political arena in the Pilot issue. The battle against COVID-19 which the state was engaged in, took a back seat. There was venom being spewed all across the media and the political slugfest was happening in two / three parallel venues. Shattering peace is the favourite of all those who have nothing to offer in their field and also to the country. What is happening today in Mumbai today is the manifestation of people who are at war with peace. A suicide case we couldn’t not come to grips with. From one state it went to another to Centre, to its agencies, outlandish disclosures, throwing the gauntlet, and the ultimate display of personal appeal and state power.

Peace without any effort is taken as opportunity to enhance power even if it means risking peace itself. For the practitioners of this game, it might be comforting, what it means to the common man nobody bothers, either by way to fear, discomfort or vitiating his mind for good. He is made a spectator at the Roman Coliseum on a multimedia mode, on 24/7 basis. Electronic and social media are the arsenal, video the main weapon and trollers the army. The panting reporters and bytes of poison whosoever might be the person fall in the same category. Being at peace with peace and contribute your might without rancour to the work assigned and relentlessly keep moving to achieve the goal without any cacophony is not to everybody’s liking. At war with peace is the prevalent mood.


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