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As our democratic journey gains in age and becomes more and more robust, in the “true democratic spirit of difference” is becoming more and more conspicuous. The missing element is the democratic mindset, attitude or DNA whatever you call it. Every element of democracy decides it own role and there too individual players play their own games. The democratic camouflage is there to care of everything, provided you know how best to use it to your advantage. Even without going through the constitution even once, sermons are being delivered on nearly every forum. What is really intriguing that there is no common ground and they are able to their lives the way they want in the same framework.

Democracy has adjusted accordingly. If we try to define democracy only by its form, laws, sections, rules, SOPs and conduct, it can successfully be used to prove everything. On the face of it, it might make sense as well. Law is a consolidated whole of taking care of both commission and omission. How do we take care of innumerable cases of deliberate omission im large facets of our life on a regular basis. From Udta Punjab to any University campus may have been the same story. Can we declare any area clear of offences of even minor nature; gambling or public & petty sale of drugs, not wearing helmets etc? Democracy has a spirit, which seems to have been lost quite sometime back.

The fourth estate has been completely on its won in the last two months. The agenda of the free press has been substituted by what all agendas, God would only know. Different tv channels are on different modes. The altar of TRP is the final port of call. Social media should be considered media or not? The troll and the propaganda army et al. To subserve in the interest of maximum good to maximum people is the spirit of democracy. Even COVID-19 has been given a quiet burial, when it is raging like wildfire across the country. The nitty gritty of it would do yeomen service to the people at large in their battle against the disease, for ex. hospital bed availability in a city. The discussion on the job scenario is also sent to exile.

To act or not to act is your discretion in lots of areas of execution. Also to act with what intensity and for how long is also your prerogative. Doesn’t it compromise with the uniformity of law? Due process is negated if the process does not start at all. Inaction where action is warranted is also a complete misuse of law. To each to his own is the motto. If one is caught for blatant inaction, still the law operates only on newly discovered offenders and not the ones who have shielded them because of deliberate inaction. In academics too, the discretion to decide on the courses / syllabus / exams is being used in the manner they do, by large by number of deemed to be universities and autonomous colleges. To each to his own seems prevalent everywhere.


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