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As we grow up as a student and dream of becoming a professional, the impression one gets is that professional rules the world. This understanding should hold ground as it is a natural presumption too, given the fact it is a professional world and is getting more and more professional with every passing day. The intriguing part of the whole story is that power structure of the world is still seeped in the mindset of the 20th century. While we face the pinch and also the ill effects of this decadent power structure on a regular basis in large number of countries, there is no saviour in sight. While you draw salaries that have skyrocketed, you need to follow somebody else’s diktat, while you are the expert.

It is a professional tribute to a small and proactive leadership of Estonia which has created digitally most robust and innovative nation in the world. Professionals I presume have held the center stage. It has one of best cyber security centres supported by NATO and Nasdaq has come down to Tallinn to do research on Blockchain technology. Where there is no scientific temper in the leadership, how can technologists and professionals be in decision making process or even executing technical tasks at the macro level. The professionals who are educated, trained and have expertise and experience of understanding a technical subject / issue, decide on a project, plan, create a Blueprint, execute and deliver, have become peripherals.

The scientists and scientific evidence has been shown the door and it was declared that there is no issue of Climate Change, when the world is experiencing the devastation caused by global warming. If professionals don’t tell us who else will. If we don’t use their professional acumen and then how can we move forward. What should have been decided by professionals, is being handled the other way round. Professional inefficiency leading to distress can be the only outcome because Govts and govt agencies have been legally mandated to handle issues, which they don’t know of and are not ready to accept the available wise counsels. When the voice of concern of economists remained unheard, we had the recession of 2008.

Undeniably, lots of times, professionals did not take up the gauntlet. Smooth life is what they aspire of. We cannot expect them to be activists, crusaders or revolutionaries. Wherever they have objected nothing great has come out of it. The input of the professional intelligence agencies have been treated with the disdain by the Presidency in the US. The relationship with the professional world is to keep them at a distance; an eerie silence, peaceful coexistence or strained, as the case may be. Even a professional like Dr. Fauci has been disregarded and that too during COVID-19 pandemic, when he is needed the most, would go down as one most intriguing moments of governance ever.


Sanjay Sahay

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