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The rigmarole of the teacher’s day happens on an annual basis and undeniably we pour our hearts out for the great chiselling act done by them. We remember some more and some less, nonetheless, they rule our world for 15-17 years of our initial life, with the solemn responsibility to make us fit to live a productive life. That they have dutifully done can be proved from the fact that every succeeding generation has been smarter than the preceding one. Once we think of a teacher what we visualise is a classroom situation with the black / green / white board in the backdrop, a table in between and rows of desks and chairs and a teacher standing somewhere in between.

What a teacher finally intends to deliver to the students is the capability to transform, capability to change and adapt and adopt to situations in a very adept manner. The teaching pedagogy has always been a matter of research and some amount moved in a bit of an outsourced manner. Suffice to say, it was a positive intervention. The teacher was never expected to transform herself. She was the transformer. 2020 would stand unique in the history of mankind when teachers lead the battle for transforming the whole education from physical to the digital. Perforce, nonetheless, they came out with flying colours.

With barley any resources and absolutely no training and no specific support from the boards, they have successfully made imparting education happen in the extraordinary pandemic times. From mastering technology to facing the situation, where the class becomes a public affair and open to criticism, she took all of it, in her stride. An online class is generally watched by the parents too, their nature is manifested in the caustic remarks against the teachers off and on. Teaching is generally not a very appreciative skill in this country. They have suffered this tirade gleefully and things seems to have pretty stabilised now.

With school boards not able or interested in crearing multimedia content for this medium, from the ppts to the videos have been the individual contribution of every single teacher. With proctoring not having been digitally sorted out, she did wonders with the Google forms, the innovation of conducting the exams in this manner has been praiseworthy. The paradigm shift to a Digital Teacher of an Online School proves the tenacity of her persona. She is every bit deserving of the reverence we have always showered on her. In the age of disruptive technologies, she has been the disruptor. It has been a fitting tribute that Teacher’s Day was also celebrated online. Let all students carry the subtle message of digital creativity, innovation and being open to disruption change as the specific message of this teacher’s day.


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