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Without getting the why and how of it, the harsh reality is, if there outside hand in every single department, organisation or enterprise, the unseen hand is that of the consultants. The causality of not been able to create Indian consultancy firms remains unknown, the harsh reality is that its always a foreign firm, the camouflaged version being the India registered company. They are marketed in the name of the multinational entities for the branding they have and that has gone well with the Indian psyche of not taking any responsibility. Indian company registration is just a legal fiction being sorted out, these branches of those firms, are branches nonetheless. All their success stories are outside of India and they have been claiming anticipated success on that count in every project they enter into.

What TikTok and other apps have been able to do with their user data, the same thing is happening / can happen to every single piece of data that foreign consultancy firms can lay their hands on. The data they are legally entitled to manage. Actually, they are invited into doing that, as if no Indian enterprise exists. And it is not only data, the are fed with all details of the dept, the human resources, the process and all inputs which they ask for, inclusive of field studies. They create they own narrative and because of lack of ignorance or the will to do, of the owners of the project, their narrative becomes the final narrative, the project itself. Few drama corrections is done for the file. The beauty of whole exercise is that the consultants double up as Auditors as and when required.

There needs to be a study on the total quantum of data they hold as of now of different projects / consultancy they have handled in the last 15 years. Most of the big projects run for the more than five years. Whether public or private, it is the Indian data. What they did to Satyam is a well known story and still they keep doing business. There have been cases against these companies in different parts of the world. Consultancy is the prime driver of all projects and if that is allowed in foreign hands, it will have its own consequences, which we all are aware of. To create Atmanirbhar Bharat we need home grown consultants, Bharatiya Salahkar. The next Big Four should come out of India. The need is humungous, we cannot do without them, hence a life time opportunity.

What these MNCs bring is not foreign expertise, its just a name not even a brand, the consultants are all picked up here, imparted some baked training, if any. They are vociferously taught ppt creation and mechanical template filling. With most projects these days being tech projects, they have their tryst with destiny, never to be redeemed, as generally they don’t have practicing technologists. The organisational structure is pathetic with partners ruling the roost, a model with has the worst of both employer and employee. And to top it all, the India head of the company concerned, is a company employee. The backend connect with the MNC is generally unknown to customers. Raking money is the only motto. Do we deserve this treatment in our own country?


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