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AutoGPT is just crazy from whatever angle you look at it. The world is defining autonomous in the true sense of the term for the first time. We have been talking of prompt engineering picking up as the ultimate branch of engineering by the day, but there are also chances that it might just get wiped out in a couple of years, at best. It can happen much earlier. We are seeing a proof of concept and that too a real one of this change happening. Autonomous AGI self-prompting AI is that is the true description of it. Of course, these would keep changing as things evolve and crystallize.

All what you need to do is to type as sentence for your requirement and there it goes, till it gives you the final result. What we have considered work to this day, would be done in a jiffy with no effort. It would force you think as to what would be the future of work. It would bring down your effort dramatically but it would leave us with another challenge to grapple with. That challenge is where does the workforce doing this nature of work go from here. What we make out of ChatGPT and beyond is a bigger challenge, though it once again seems, we feel that it will find its own way. This approach has led to the wild growth of technology so far.

Back to the exponential GPT that is subsuming us by the day. Technology has never moved so fast. AutoGPT is created by a code name Gravitas and is available on GitHub. Some demo and use cases are there as a proof of concept. It is only going to get better from here and from the current standpoint, it would be exponential. One use case on recipes, calling itself ChefGPT. It can generate unique recipes that would make sense to us. No coding, no programming skills needed by the user. It would give step by step, neatly documented and with extreme clarity. Anyone can understand. Rahul one user tried the AI agent to perform product research and create a summary of headphones. The result he says was insane, craziest was, it was powered by GPT-4.

The tools are already there. Anyone who has done e-commerce would realize how difficult the problem is. Interestingly, you have all the information neatly documented on the steps taken. Another user, Varun Maurya describes it all; “AutoGPT was trying to create an app for me,” recognized I don’t have the Node, found a stackoverflow article with link, downloaded it, extracted it, and then spawned the server for me.” ”My contribution? I watched.” This is the beginning of a bold new tech world, everything that has transpired so far, would look puny. An intelligent bot to help you all the while, to take your work to the superhuman level.

Sanjay Sahay


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