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Documents on which you base your work, activity, task or project in any specialised area is a Base Document. The creation of Base Documents is based on objective research, collation & documentation as per the requirements of the particular task. It is reference manual to understand & initiate planning for a project. It is an authenticated research document. The culture of Base Documents removes the clutter & provides uniformity. Today’s professional world is defined by Base Documents, unfortunately, in India it is yet to start.

Many institutions like National Institute of Standards & Technology, NIST, of US, the ISO& lots others have done yeomen service in creating base documents. For example, a Base Document on the Talent Requirements for Cyber Security was created by NIST & today it is a Bible in its field. Created by the collaborative effort of 3000 professionals working for three years, the objectivity & usability of the document is commendable. ISO’s standard documents provide that clarity. ISO 27001 is a reference point for purpose for Information Security.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, is a Base Document which has defined the human rights movement across the globe. It has found its way into Constitutions, Covenants, National laws, treaties & the like. Created by experts & leaders through consultations & deliberations is the most translated document in the world. This is its strength.

On the police functioning moving onto to the next stage such Base Documents can play a critical role. The creation of National Homeland Security Blueprint can guide the efforts of the Indian Police towards uninformed progression in its criticals. The National CCTV Protocol can align the CCTV networks into one fold. It would help develop a City Based Video Surveillance System& later a National City Based Video Monitoring Mechanism. What can a Base Document like Technological Transformation of Indian Police can do for the Indian Police? Multifarious police development.


Sanjay Sahay

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