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Explicitly stating is where positivity starts,  emphatic becomes the tenor of communication and possessing an actual force to make it happen is the life cycle of being positive.  Proactive is to prepare for, intervene, control an expected negative or difficult situation.  One is reactive and other is prepositioning to avoid a negative fallout. Both these terms are  buzzwords   in business, social & political life. The likely results of individual action can be  impactful only if it’s both proactive & positive.


Starting from the domain of  experimental psychology in 1930s  has extrapolated into every domain today. Being proactive is the quality the modern world looks for but in reality there are very few conspicuous practitioners of the same.  “If you are proactive, you make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to you.”  A proactive person washes his hands & takes vitamins while a reactive person gets sick and then takes medicines is a very simple analogy.   Proactive behaviour thus connotes to anticipatory, change oriented & self initiated behaviour.

Only self driven people, wedded to rational judgement, endowed with knowledge & skills over time and having the courage of conviction can be proactive.  Very neat calculation of personal gain or benefit can never be the initiation of a proactive change.  The benefit of the enterprise, society & the nation are the propellants of such individuals.

 Finality is an undercurrent inherent to both these behavioural traits.  Being positive is near instantaneous planning & communicating emphatically & delivering with elan. The impact is positive & far reaching. In the fast paced world, exponential as they call it, waiting and reacting, however positively is the trait of a competitor and not a winner.  This is age of the proactive, of sensing the opportunity, planning like a visionary and grabbing it.  The results can be transformational. Proactives will define the fate of businesses, societies & nations & not be passive recepients of change.


Sanjay Sahay

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