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While the world has become familiar with the i and e being prefixed to products and services for the purposes they serve. May it be an iPhone or eServices any kind. There is no need of any explanation for these, as they have become as much a part of daily life or more, than most of things human beings have lived with much larger amount of time. The next in the series would be Meta, any prefix with Meta would give a clear meaning of that product or service. Metaverse, for whatever direction the next level of internet will take, how massive or all-consuming only the time will tell. Though Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta might be fledging, it might be just one of the twist and turns in the massive tech upgrade’s roller coaster journey.

Starting from gaming, immersive technologies are here to stay. The world one day will make the next state of internet, and the world, called Metaverse and humans would seamlessly live in it while living a physical world. Which of our current day living could have imagined even 10 years back. We have lived in a full online world for over two years during Covid pandemic. From banks to digital twins to now airport, we can see a certain shift in that direction. The experience would be totally different for whatever you indulge in Meta, how well and how much it connects to the physical world is left for tomorrow. Bangalore’s airport has now launched BLR Metaport, one of the pioneering initiatives anywhere in the world.

All great digital innovations need great collaboration. BLR Metaport is the outcome of the Joint Innovation Centre announced by BIAL, AWS and Intel earlier this year. This centre aims at bringing aviation at speed with state of art digital solutions. New business models and customer experience seems to be the forte they want to conquer. BIAL is moving in the direction to delight passengers with a unique, immersive and virtual experience. The new global audience is in search of tools of this nature. Engaging with the global audience would lead to enhance business impact for sure. The purpose of the technological leap is thus clearly spelt out.

BLR Metaport platform is built on AWS, leveraging its computing, storage, databases, and data visualisation services to enhance performance and scalability. The whole solution is optimized for Unreal Engine 5, a real time 3D creation tool. Cloud brings the experience to life. Challenging technology through real life use cases is real technology and that is what Meta is being put to. BLR Metaport uses Polygon Blockchain, which will act as medium of the digital economy in the future. The company is wedded to blockchain innovation. Besides, an enhanced and immersive 3D virtual experience, video conferencing, messaging, spatial audio and avatar creation are some additional features being provided by BLR Metaport. Log on for a virtual tour.

Sanjay Sahay

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