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While our day to day existence is defined by office posts / advisories, whatsapp / facebook deviant interjections, the ragmag ad bulletins called newspapers, some articles on the digital medium, the electronic media talk shows to cleanse everything and continuous inflow of so curated news from the second you open Google. It is nobody’s case to proclaim that one is short of news or views, however vitiated it might be in the days of fake news / post truth / propaganda wars. Unlike earlier days when books where were few and far between the current age has endless books with high quality research and articulation which defines our existence.

Keep getting lost in the world we live is not a pleasant experience. Finding the loose threads and tying it is not an easy job. Neither all of us can do. Even when one manages to do, it would certainly be of a far inferior quality / purpose to that to of a writer and a researcher who has the flair to write; comprehensive, complete, incisive and cogent. Besides, being a researcher, every wittier is a thinker in his own right and that perspective only he can provide.

That the thought process, clarity and context of Yuvan Noah Harari cannot be repeated, replicated or created is a foregone conclusion. That one who misses out on that narrative misses out on one of the most engaging issues of our existence. The only way out is to read, understand it and use that understanding to make our professional and personal lives better and make the best out of the present complex existence. The classics Sapiens, Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century define our vicissitudes as nothing else can.

Similarly, less than two decades back Thomas Friedman’s book The World is Flat gave the world a game changer which we remember even till today. The Tapscotts Blockchain Revolution also falls under the same genre. The Artificial Intelligence Revolution happening now bound to engulf mankind is so neatly wrapped and gifted to mankind in the title Life 3.0 of Max Tegmark. Abundance and Bold by Peter Diamandis has changed our perception of the world. The interplay of books, life and future goes on and on.


Sanjay Sahay

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