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Getting something done direct by the brain with no interface in between would seem to be sci-fi, even the days when science fiction and reality have slowly been converging. While artificial intelligence is makes waves and waves in different areas and sorting out tasks specific and generic, this scientific breakthrough in question, brings the “man and machine as a real organic one” for the first time in human history. For the uninitiated its *thinking getting translated to writing / instructions on the computer screen / display in an instantaneous manner, the way our body responds to our brain. The person could play video games, online chess et al.

The heading blares out, “Man with Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip posts tweet on X just by thinking.” Neuralink is an implantable brain-computer interface. The company with the same name was launched in 2016 with a team of seven scientists and engineers. The current success is a complete proof of concept of Nueralink’s cybernetics implant. Mr. Norland Arbaugh, has become the first Neuralink patient by posting on X “just by thinking,” in the process he made history. Mr. Norland happens to be a 29-year-old quadriplegic. Earlier the company in question, Neuralink Corp. live streamed an update showing Mr. Arbaugh playing video games and online chess using his mind.

Mr. Arbaugh sustained a spinal cord injury in a “freak diving accident” in 2016, the accident left him quadriplegic. The Neuralink procedure was done this January and his out of hospital a day after the procedure. The process was smooth. Significantly, he added that here is “still work to be done” to refine this technology. Earlier in a live stream, he had moved the cursor on a computer without any physical tools. What a commendable for research in aid of humanity, alleviating human life, for those who need the most. Mr. Arbaugh explained “that he simply imagines the cursor moving where he wants it to go and it does.”

Elon Mush has be at forefront of game changing for mankind of which the world is aware of by now. Neuralink happens to be his brain technology startup. The implant developed by this company “allows a patient to use their thoughts to control a computer.” As per Musk the company will start working with patients who suffer from severe physical limitations like cervical spinal cord impairment or quadriplegia. What a great goal which has come out of unfathomable vision to “connect human brains to computers to help tackle complex neurological conditions.”

Sanjay Sahay

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