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In the land of the Jugaad, it is only limited to finding a way out to workable solutions, it also pervades into every aspect of our society and existence. It has been ingrained into our culture. In simple terms it means a short cut to things which have to be done through a well prescribed methodology, the world over. If done in any other style, it will deliver in the manner it has done in India. This system has become the norm in this country. For this reason execution, growth, practice and usage are all getting skewed in a manner unimaginable.

We have all been proud of our culture and quite rightly. It has been a rich one and has kept us in good stead for centuries and has been the reason for our name and credibility the world over. Culture in practice might not be not as pure as stated and talked, and mostly does not carry that sanctity in the wider usage in the real world. Whether some elements of that culture translated into the business culture of the nation can be a topic for fascinating research. For the time being we delve into what is business culture?

Business culture in simple terms is the ethics of doing business. On this kernel, the whole of business culture is woven. It might also mean doing things in the right or the wrong manner, which directly connotes to social, cultural and also its acceptability in the business ecosystem. It can very safely be extended to the manner in which the regulatory authorities operate. In simple terms it also means how business and businessmen are treated, more so the smaller ones. That reflects the true culture. It reflects the fairness and robustness of the growth trajectory of the nation.

On business culture on which businesses are built should be built to last over time and space. This leads to credibility of business and business systems, inside the country and outside of it. The way businesses are intertwined geographically, the credibility and quality branding are a must for prospering globally. The way businesses happen gives us an overwhelming feeling that its business sans business culture. Business literally means that with which a person is principally and seriously concerned. With big businesses being maligned for a variety of reasons from financial malpractices to being instrumental in creation of huge NPAs, do we need a course correction? Can me make big going on the same course; to a robust developed nation.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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