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There is no denying the fact that even any average commentator of Indian politics over the years would confidently confirm that our politics and by its logical extension, democratic governance runs on the underpinning of political gains. It used to be subtle and surreptitious in the early years of our democratic journey and with the passage of time, it went of becoming more and more conspicuous. Now there is nothing to see through the political smokescreen. It has been accepted as democratic reality. The discussion which now seems to happening all over is whether with this political gain mindset, democratic delivery as mandated can happen or not?

People who power the political class and form our political democracy, are convinced of the fact that welfarism, social security, technology transformation, development and progress can all happen on this model. The tragedy of the current democratic scenario is that this model has now been hardcoded, and has become the Indian political and democratic DNA. They don’t know any other method nor are they interested in any other model. This has delivered bountiful gains over time and space and they want to keep perfecting it. The issue which is both knotty and intriguing. Based on our experience so far, whether political gain mindset, which has come to stay, has the *right expertise, capability and potential of transformative democratic delivery?

Can a mind clogged with political gain, have a bandwidth to spend time and energy for the complexities of governance; the onerous task of decision making, driving things which can suck life out of you and finally be agreeable to be held responsible and accountable for everything you do? Political gains mindset has groomed them into discerning and doing activities that derive immediate political gain. With such a short gestation period what can be delivered, if any, and of what quality is anyone’s guess. If you take good governance as a delivery in all its version, manifestations & complexities and it being tied to a long gestation period does not appeal to them.

Political gains mindset plays on your mind in everything you do. A playbook has already been evolved in this area and the political parties don’t mind picking up best practices out of it. Most of it remains the same in different permutations and combinations and packing makes the maximum difference. The voter has become a customer now, albeit for free. He is cajoled into believing that what is being pushed onto him is in his best interest. This feeling is consolidated by the media blitzkrieg which follows, the political gain enabled delivery. Suffice to say this mindset can barely deliver anything worthwhile besides trumpeted basics but can take credit for whatever good happens in the country. Reasonable, fair and predictable social security, research & development, innovation and world class process and operations bringing in transformational ease of life, business, parameterised growth, tech superiority and total digital transformation can never be their agenda. The less about far-reaching education and healthcare the better.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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