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While it was expected that education and learning which comes with it would bring in individuality, the result has been exactly the opposite. Instead it created assembly line humans incapable of producing assembly line results, which only machines are capable of, more so in the this country and the developing world. We have been caught in a vortex where no one knows the original, might be there is none and if there is one, its worthy of nothing. The most interesting facet is that everybody is in the fear of getting copied.

The general refrain is that my idea has been copied or parts of work has been lifted or somebody camouflaged my work bringing down its value. The natural question is can you be copied? The votaries of intellectual property would claim to be so and in one of the exceptional cases some damage can be done. The incapability of the original getting copied lock, stock and barrel in any field is the first and last touchstone of originality.

This issue arises when something is not emanating out of somebody’s thought process. It is not an organic growth. It has been created out of nowhere. There are no roots of it in your personality and knowledge. Original thought processes cannot be copied and so also the products emanating out of it; from a lecture to a commercial product might be not even an upgrade. There would always be a mad rush to copy for the run of the mill guys to deliver something or confuse and gain while the sun shines.

Undeniably, the work of the copy cats have been immensely made easy with the readily available multimedia tools in the social media world. With all the Copy Cat Creativity & Innovation, the damage done can at best be treated as minimal. With the complexity increasing in every field, the original takes years and humungous effort to be created, the man and product becomes of lasting value. It might get on way to immortality. It goes beyond the pale of copying.


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