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The capability to visualise is the capability to outlive. Visualising is not of an artist who can imagine something and bring it into reality. Nor is it the visualisation of the software to look for vulnerabilities and inconsistencies, which cannot discerned with any other methodology. Though difficult yet beyond these aesthetic and artistic capabilities is a requirement of tech, business and political leaders to visualise. Visualising is the uncanny knack of being able to see the end product while the idea is at thought level. This ability will help you to create a Blueprint and get on the journey of its creation.

There is a common refrain that I did not think that it will happen this way. Not only that it happened the way he had not visualised but the added ignominy is that he cannot do anything about it. More often than not, he has pushed through some half baked documentation of doubtful subject matter experts or self proclaimed consultants and advisors. The beauty of this group of professionals is that they remain in the bonsai mode for all times to come. If you are not able to visualise, how would you deliver the project. If architects did not have the capability to visualise we could have possibly not had any architectural feat.

If Lutyens and Le Corbusier could visualise, why can’t the renowned experts in other areas? If they are not able to reach that level, there is certainly an issue. Capability to visualise comes at a very high level of expertise, going through failures / mistakes and trials / tribulations. Nerve wrecking situations and reading and researching about it. What to assimilate and what not to, is the biggest question of our professional file. Do you hold yourself responsible for the results is a multi-million dollar question? Capability to visualise would never be yours, if you are shirker. How many such professionals can we find all around the place?

Think of legislation and governance, which impacts humans, way beyond anything else can. Have the legislation’s in this country gone through the filters of the brains of parliamentarians and legislators who could visualise it? Have the fallouts / impacts been what it had intended to to? Does the results add up to the purpose of the Act? Adding another critical aspect is the Executive, broadly the civilian administration of this country. If their plans, projects and initiatives were to be as per the narrative of this post, the country would have been on a different trajectory today.


Sanjay Sahay

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