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Think of the game of football where you allowed to carry your goal post. In addition, there is no match referee as well. You can officiate like one, as and when you feel like. There would be times when you would decide the rules of the games as well, depending on your positioning in it. Sometimes you would become so audacious to decide to ride roughshod, when caught not following the rule. The most fascinating situation is when the de facto and de jure positions / situations are radically different and both coexist, in favour of the de facto.

To rule is law. This is the situation in which public domain operates, the rulers that be. It has nothing to do who the rulers are, the prevailing culture and the DNA which we have internalised as our democratic DNA, unfortunately, is this. This is not limited to the political space, the political executive space or the bureaucratic space, it can be anyone, any enterprise, sector, area, industry or activity who can call shots, if it has been able to develop that nature of influence or aura. Even in flimsiest of interactions we drop names to prove that we are special and that normal rules don’t operate on us or we can get it manipulated to our convenience.

If every government followed the rules of the game, the hard coded ones, time tested, then they would have all operated in the similar manner. The priorities of governments are the same, in pursuance of the welfare of the people, with neatly defined rules and processes, then why and how do they work at so much of variance. At the core of it all is the bloated ego of being all powerful and having innate faith in their capability to run the government to their taste or agenda or taking it to the next level of creating their own variant of it. Lots have tried and failed but human ego still forces them to take a shot and spoil the show as long as they are there.

Acting or not acting, completing glossing over reality, turning a deaf ear to deafening voices / demands, spending official time different agendas etc have been the order of the day in Indian politico-executive governance. Stark reality and common sense also barely impact them work with normal sanity. The application and interpretation of law is also done to suit the powers that be, which the country has been witnessing since decades. Our governments can look so different that it would be difficult to believe that they have come out of the same election process and the same law. Whatever might be the variant, each of them carry their own goal post in differential degrees and are out of beat the classical officially mandated agenda and process.

Sanjay Sahay

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