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Foreign jaunts have been endemic to both the Indian political class and the bureaucracy on well-known pretexts of understanding systems and then the mirage of implementing it in India. The dreams are non-Indian and the models also so to say are of foreign origin. That being the case is, it sounds obvious that the study would be genuine, the people would be having the capabilities to understand, assimilate and transform it into a workable model in India, in its ecosystem, at least bring it to the first stage of the planning process. How many of them even understand the depth of such exercise and the methodology to conduct it, it the biggest question mark.

Making a foreign trip is the first hallmark of a politician to have arrived in life. The more the merrier. The bigger the groups, its even better. If you push in your coterie, it is even better. It would be an obligation they might remember for a lifetime. The capability of adjusting family members is another element of these trips, if that is not possible, at least their trips could be aligned with the official one and might be the payment is done separately. Business class is the preferred otherwise what is the fun! Study in style, mostly a new activity for them and that too at taxpayer’s cost. There are no exams either. It would be a great eyeopener to find out what percentage of time is spend in logistical preparation / approval process and what amount of time is actually spent for preparing for the stated purpose of the visit.

Study tour, official tour, tour for attracting investment, showcasing some achievement, attending conferences even of the stature of World Economic Forum, have barely brought the corresponding value to this country. How many of them even understand the nuances of the subjects/topics/areas they officially delve upon in the foreign jaunt, the language and lingo of it. Can they even fathom out the mechanism? Or will it ever be made known to them, leave aside any foreign officials / govt. detailing the delivery mechanism route. How easy or difficult is to extract the tech/intel/finance and governance capital out of any government / business enterprise / consultants / experts is known to one and all.

Large part of these jaunts are a mix of politicians and the bureaucrats, the roles are known and the ritual is gone through, at times leading to speeches and very rare some declarations and all that. What percentage of our ruling class understands the nuances of enabling governance through knowledge and expertise? As on date are there any takers to make an Indian semiconductor fab by study conducted in foreign jaunts? The nuances of tech, and its entrepreneurship, tech transfer has always remained outside the purview of any of these jaunts. The bureaucrats criss-cross the world for their mandatory engagements at times, what have they brought home; consistent and conspicuous, is the biggest question mark. Is foreign travel being still a prestige issue and something to flaunt, the cause is immaterial as long as government pays. A report or note of whatever quality and purpose, marks its completion. The report is never visited again, the country can be revisited any number of times for the same cause.

Sanjay Sahay

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