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Compliance is the rock star of the professional world, across sectors & geographies and over time and space. Development, production, warranty, marketing, sales and finance, SMEs to biggest MNCs, biggest of the governments to the smallest of the NGOs, “Compliance Dharma” is the dharma of every organization. Presumably, there is no way out for the business to carry on.

The extrapolation of this thought process has not been positive qualitative change in compliance or compliance becoming our DNA; on the contrary, it led to an urge to have compliant human resources. A compliant workforce, up and down the hierarchy is the way organizations function and that is the way most of us want, though, we make vociferous proclamations to the contrary.

When a group of professionals in any organization or across organizations meet, the quality, nature and intenseness of the compliant behavior is discussed. To what levels people go or can, to become “Fully Compliant,” to the Boss first & then the organization is the favorite topic. If being compliant in a camouflaged or dignified manner does not work, the Indian “Chamcha Style,” will be the sure winner. From the days of being not known that way, today it a fashion to be known as compliant, it accures lots of benefits at the workplace and more often than not a “Blue Eyed Status,” too.

This frame of mind has completely set in, in employee fraternity, in a big way. This is the done thing. Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite of what a professional behavior should be like and what a organization should demand for. In the facade of merit and talent, crash mediocrity reigns supreme. This is unfixing of CV accomplishments & certifications to real the real persona, compliant and a stunted practitioner. Can product creation, high end research or global class service be created out of this environment. The downslide is conspicuous from being an upright professional to a compliant employee to becoming completely pliant.


Sanjay Sahay

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