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From the Nina Radia tapes to the tumbling out of over 500 pages of WhatsApp chat of one of the leading anchors of the day, one would just pray that more of such revelations don’t come out of the closet. For once there is a chunk of the Indian population that feels less revelations are better, at least we can live in a make believe world, that things can change for the better. What is conspiratorial? It is related to or being a conspiracy, a secretive plan that is unlawful, harmful, or evil. Our understanding of conspiratorial based on our ecosystem and grooming can be totally different. The broad prevalent thought process as it stands today, is somebody who has been caught in the conspiracy of a crime. Most of the conspiracies hatched in pursuance of a crime don’t come to light and certainly not all conspirators get caught. How many crimes reach the registration and investigation stage even if they are known.

What about the harmful and evil of the conspiratorial plots? How many of us can safely say that one has not been a part of any of these. How many of us would dare to guess as to what percentage of people who are in responsible positions indulge in some sort of conspiracy, day in and day out. It might not pertain outright to criminality, but does that absolve you of the conspiracy hatched. From the transfers and postings of the officers to the formation of the cabinets, this malaise is present everywhere. This is now being treated as the norm. The veterans of the game often term this as practicality. Does a well orchestrated media blitzkrieg, designed to play on the minds, the way it suits best, can be termed a conspiracy or not?

Two headlines pertaining to Ex. CAG of India would make things clearer about the times we live in. Economic Times on 28th Oct 21 reports, ”Ex – CAG Vinod Rai tenders apology to a Congress leader” and related to the same story, The Hindu, titled ”Conspiracy to oust UPA-II Govt. exposed with Vinod Rai affidavit. The recent life and times of a few senior officers hitting the headlines for all wrong reasons, inclusive of the Ex. Police Commissioner, Mumbai, leaves nothing to doubt. How much we would want to believe to the contrary, has not a conspiratorial mindset hit the Indian public life, much more than what we could have ever imagined. Windfall gain; financial, power or otherwise has become so deep-seated today’s world, that naturally makes conspiracy an effective and a potent tool.

The most fascinating part of the whole game is that generally even a more meticulous conspiracy is hatched to save the ones who are already being caught in a conspiracy. If you hatch by the dozens, law might catch up with you in one. But there are the saviors in the conspiracy world who would rush to your rescue. It is a purely professional operation, neatly calibrated, in the phased manner and also dynamic and real time, responding to the evolving situation. In the same manner as is said that the whole world conspires to make your passion happen, in a totally negative analogy, the whole conspiratorial world conspires to bail you out of a conspiracy in the most splendid manner. At the end of the day, any member of that famed world might also need your help in the future.


Sanjay Sahay

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