Daily Post 1363


Big Four as they are known have put their propaganda machine in place through the supposedly research documents trying to show you the way out of this pandemic. Presumably, they would have done some research as to how all this happened. Given the nature of businesses they do and the capability to consult on anything under the sun, they would certainly be lending their world class expertise to COVID-19 impacted governments and enterprises. It is a different story altogether that they find it extremely difficult to make sense of financial viability of consultancy business today, when brick & mortar is the ultimate challenge. The job losses are impending and started with cuts in some of these companies themselves.

Being auditors and management consultants, they have declared that everything falls under their purview. The name is the qualification, that is what branding is all about. Templates transform into projects, stitch them together and you are ready to go. The turnover is tantamount to project execution. The ease at which they are proclaim their expertise to the world can put any body to shame, the same jargons and the same gloss. How far the reality can be for even the best of the practitioners in any field has been laid threadbare in the corona times. Being a consultant in the hottest area in last few centuries; expertise on the present troubled times, without being a practitioner in either health, governance or human development and for that matter even economics can be an act in daredevilry.

Managing without the ground level knowledge or the language, devoid of governance expertise, technology in a throughly technology enabled world, and the capability of their technical experts in question is what consultancy in mid-air is made of. Sitting in hotels, air conditioned offices and airport lounges they are busy making documents after documents, to suit every need and every customer. Deep field level knowledge, expertise and experience they have been able to dispense with long time back. No audit is ever done on them, after all they are the auditors. Everybody aligns to them and things are provided to them as they want. This is the reason why they still remain unknown to the brick and mortar / the cutting edge level world. Unfortunately, all that planning, project creation, execution and even speculation is done for them.

As money has been flowing for health infrastructure, SDGs, human development index related projects, the Big Four have consulted, advised, supervised, documented and audited health and health infrastructure. At least in India and the other developing countries COVID-19 has shown them the mirror. It’s a Shakespearean melodrama being played out on 21st technology and governance stage to every one’s peril. There are no building blocks for them. They generally do one time surgical operations and are off. Continuation in not the name of the game, in areas where nothing can happen without continuity. The project team melts as fast as it is created and no long term support can ever come handy.


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