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The Pandemic facts are known to all, but it is worth setting the record straight and also to have an objective baseline for war like effort in front of us. Without bringing many numbers into the picture, the facts are; the pandemic is around 15 months old in India, 2020 lockdown was successful, we have had world record breaking daily numbers of infections and death, there have been *hundreds of avoidable deaths, if not thousands because of oxygen non-availability, there is open black marketeering for any product / medicine or service  related to COVID-19, there is hardly anybody who has not been impacted, even cremation has become a challenge and  only a miniscule percentage has got both the jabs. The foreign aid is only a one time show.  The real-life problems are gaping at our faces but the rulers at any level do not provide a clear-cut roadmap.

While there are other objective facts about this pandemic too, the completely outstanding ones are the worst display of cooperative federalism, social media for official communication and not holds barred street type fights between the political parties. TV screens and Twitter etc communication between our rulers are scars on humanity, which will never do away. We are in a worse situation than a national mourning, declared or not declared is a non-issue. When you don’t even have the liberty to grieve, when everything is a challenge, we can announce it as the death of humanity. The elected representatives can judge their utility in the last one month by whatever parameter they feel like. The harshest reality is that every citizen is stricken by fear psychosis. Globally, India’s defining image is of the mass funeral pyres.

The actions are pretty simple and straight and most of it emanates from the present surge: mapping all hospitals & types of beds they provide and do a gap analysis with the worst-case scenario requirements. What would be the medical human resources imperatives? The requirement of oxygen across India, mapping to all oxygen resources and creating a supply, demand, timeline and predictability fit. Supply chain management of all essential drugs connecting it directly to hospital pharmacies and doctors prescribing it. What is enforcement machinery being created / streamlined to fix black marketeering? Fixing rates and quality of ambulances. Strengthening the cremation / burial grounds infrastructure and resources. The simple number of vaccines needed can be arrived at in no time. What is the blueprint of its procurement, supply and duration of the vaccination program. The government cannot be defended by a party spokesman, only the government functionary can do that.

No country can function in an ad-hoc manner. There has been a lot of difference between the Twitter and non-Twitter Presidents in the US. We have a learning there. All the above mentioned actions need a data, strategy and then a blueprint. This blueprint should include mapping of resources of all types being organized for the specific action points. It has to be  shared so that the country is not caught napping again. The timelines and milestones are to be specified which needs to be validated by a reliable third party and made known to the world. In every milestone is our life. We know very well now what erratic supply of oxygen and fake remdesivir means for life. Then the time of the final deliverables / completion and how they would be maintained in battle ready state needs to be made public. Undoubtedly, accountability and punishment both have to be fixed.


Sanjay Sahay


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