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Geography has become history has become a famous adage of the digital operations. Bereft of the spatial context does not make business or operational sense. Spatial context to Cyber Crime is must to be able to make a worthwhile sense of it all. Spatial means relating to, occupying or having the character of space. Static maps now moves on the next level by use of geospatial technology. Starting from Google maps, spatial context is already indispensable.

Crime mapping has been used in a crude manner from today’s standpoint. The absence of last-long for scenes of offences has been a major analysis limitation. In this context the need for spatial context of cyber crimes is of critical value. Symantec ranked 20 countries that generate most of the Cyber crime & surprisingly North Korea is not in the list. Most generic analysis also throws up worthwhile findings. The top five countries are US, China, Germany, Britain & Brazil based on share of malicious computer activity, malicious code rank, spam zombies rank, phishing, bot rank and attack origin. Russia is the leader in terms of quality-of-cyber attack services.

On the preventive side of Cyber Crime, situational awareness is a must. Lots of it comes from the spatial context. unknown so far but for vague knowledge of the big cyber breaches. The spatial analysis of undetected cyber breaches can help analyse how breach is avoided& the geographies.

Police data is under-reported and under recorded too. Data from industry has to be viewed with caution. Overall picture still remains unknown. Segmentation of cyber crime landscape is desirable. Spatial context would show the geography of particular types of cyber crime, enable us to discover patterns & also the nature of overlapping to existing crime with the cyber. Various terrorist activities as money laundering can get connected to the cyber counterparts. Spatial analysis will decide its utility, a new world of planning, strategy & counter measures will open up.


Sanjay Sahay

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