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For sure there would be no recorded history of APIs, but it were, DALL-E API would have become the most widely welcomed API ever. It may turn out to be the most used one. It would turn out to be biggest value add API brought to the market. It might also turn out to be the API which could keep on adding maximum number of use cases. This is nature of the product or more so the connect that is being provided to DALL-E which is the actual product in question is making waves across the globe. And why not, this has brought natural language to a totally different level, beyond language, to the creative and the visual arena.

You can term it as the confluence of NLP and computer vision coming together and beyond. DALL-E API released by OpenAI in pubic beta, will turn out to be a potential boon for app builders. This has been touted as the hotly anticipated. The boon means that developers will be able to integrate DALL-E directly into their apps and products. Given the product DALL-E is, it certainly momentous and would be pathbreaking in a variety of areas. What it would unleash as products and usages, might be we are not in a position to even fathom out today.

DALL-E joins the elite AI Tools Club of GPT-3, Embeddings and Codex in the Open AI’s platform. DALL-E is a “transformer language model that allows users to use natural language prompts to create and edit original images.” The days of search and Shutterstock might be moving into its final phase. For specific use cases some companies have already implemented and tested. Some companies who have made it known are Cala, a fashion design platform, and Mixtiles, which prints online photos on lightweight decorative tiles. Designer, a graphic design app of Microsoft will have DALL-E supporting it.

Microsoft is also integrating DALL-E into Bling and Microsoft Edge with Image Creator. It would also he users to create images, if the web results are not able to match the requirements. A life beyond web in images created by an AI machine becomes a reality. How fast it would it would grow depends on the promise it shows. Shutterstock can foresee the future in this field, making it the present as early as possible. This stock imagery provider has already announced that the use the API to offer DALL-E generated images to customers. With the API in beta, continuous iterations and improvements would continue through the end of the year.

Sanjay Sahay

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